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by Leonardo Cammi

In Switzerland there is a great band of black metal (…perhaps we must write un-black metal) that try to fight against satanic metal with strentgh and warlike ideals. These band rules, my brothers! I can’t absolutely miss to tell you that “they need your support and they deserve it”!! Read this interview!

First of all, a little biography of the band and some words about your releases.
Taanak: Demoniciduth began in October 98 with a vocalist, a bassist & a drummer. The name came from a magnificent biblical passage which announces that in Jesus’ Name we’ll cast out demons (Mark 16:17-18). After the coming of 2 guitarists, our drummer left & one of the guitar players took his place. For a short time, as he left too & this is Genezareth who took his place. And it’s with that same line-up that we released our “Pre-Release” demo-tape in 99. In March 2000, Genezareth stopped with Demoniciduth & after a long time of prayers & reflections came Nahum as drummer & Haroscheth as second guitarist. Then, we decided to record “Post Tenebras Lux”. For reasons of time, Nahalal quitted our crazy gang & Jéhu joined…for a short time too. Finally, Nahum left, & it’s Hazaël who’s taking the sticks with his monstrous double-bass drums! Now, we’re working on “Dogs of antichrist” which will be our first full-length album.

Now, to introduce very well your band and messages, explain all the lyrics that we can find on "Post Tenebras Lux".
Taanak: “Unholy chants” is a warning. Many people in general doubt what the lyrics of their CDs are about. They want music. But they don’t realize that negative lyrics can affect them really seriously. “The Holy Warrior” describes the pain Jesus endured for our sins, in Golgotha. In the end, we exhort the unbelievers with an important decision to take for their lives. “I The Lord have spoken it” wants to explain to satan’s worshippers: “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” (Galatians 6:7). The wrath of God is terrible. Sometimes, Christians are afraid of satan’s wrath. It’s ridiculous. Don’t forget, the yin & yang is just a stupidity! It exposes the good & the evil with identical force, just opposite. But that’s wrong. Satan’s wrath is plainly ridiculous compared to God’s wrath. So, be not a mocker of God, but a worshipper. “Prepare to Armageddon” was just a short intro to “Megiddo Massacre”. It’s like a guardian sounding the debut of the battle. Then, “Megiddo Massacre” is about the final battle where evil will be forever annihilated. And finally, “Notre Père”, in our native language, is the famous prayer Jesus teaches to everyone.

Your messages are really strong (and GOOOOD!!!). You write to be "THE WHITE METAL ATTACK"!! How we can "attack" black satanic metal in your opinion?
Taanak: With the weapons of our warfare described in Ephesians 6. The shield of faith, the sword of the Spirit, the helmet of salvation…Yeah, God’s Word terrifies the enemy. The prayer is our strongest weapon, I think. Attacking asks first an equipment. Never a soldier come to the battle without his sword or shield. Searching for God’s Will in everything you do is way to destroy evil easily. Through our own, we’re weak before the enemy.

In your "no thanks" in the album, you add to satanism (fuck satan!) also islam, gays, atheism, abortion, etc... Can you say something about this "strong" NO THANKS?
Taanak: First, we never wrote “fuck satan!”. We wrote “satan sucks!” & that’s truly different. We can say that satan sucks, but the Bible doesn’t tolerate insults to satan or either its demons (2 Peter 2:10-12). We live in a world where the principles are “tolerance”. It is our job as Christians to advert people when they’re killing themselves. These things lead to eternal death. We can’t support antichrist ideologies like these. If you as Christian tolerate everything, you lead people to death for not advertising them. So, it’s really a pain! Demoniciduth doesn’t want to tell people what they want to hear, but what is essential for their lives. That’s the ideology itself we condemn in our “no thanks” not the doers who are blinded. Of course, as you say, it’s a strong one. We could did one more precise to not shock people. But we did it this way to not be lost in indifference, to have opportunities to testimony of our faith. And it worked!

Your sound is a good mix between Death and Black. In particular, I see that you prefer mid-tempos full of energy to the songs totally speedy. Why?
Taanak: We based our music on brutality more than technicality. We wanted to create a primitive sound. Usual Black Metal bands play all the same stuff, speedy & hyper-technical, but in the end it’s all the same & it lacks of raw & insane energy. True Black Metalheads ask for brutality. We’re what they search for.

My compliments for "The Holy Warrior" song, a true anthem for all White Metal Warriors! What are the songs of the mini-CD that you prefer?
Taanak: Mm…I’m between “Megiddo Massacre” & “Notre Père”.
Ashtaroth-Karnaïm: “Notre Père”.
Haroscheth: “Notre Père”.
Hazaël: “The Holy Warrior”.

Are there other songs ready?? "Post Tenebras Lux" comes from early 2001, so I think you can say something new?
Taanak: Yes. We have more than 10 new songs on the road. But concretely, 3 new songs are finished: “Invocation” (about The Holy Spirit), “Thou shalt not kill” (about abortion) & “Oppression” (in French, about the enemy’s attacks).

Next projects?
Taanak: If it’s God’s Will, we’ll record our first full-length album “Dogs of antichrist”. We hope to play more gigs too. But we’ll do what Jesus asks us to do, even if it could hurt.
Very good idea to put a song with lyrics in French language like "Notre Père".

Do you want to repeat this experience?
Taanak: Yeah, of course! There’s already 2 new songs in French that should appear: “Oppression” & “Torrents d’amour” (about the love of Christ). We thought it’d be essential as our gigs will be mainly in French areas.

The symbol linked to your cover CD is really great... An Angel triumphant with satan dead and his head cut off... Can you comment this image??
Taanak: We entitled our CD-EP “Post Tenebras Lux”, which is Latin for “After the darkness, The Light”. Through this, we wanted to show that Jesus Christ is Lord & has all authority. Christ stormed the gates of hell to take the keys of death & hades on the enemy’s own territory. Behind the beast & the Angel, you can see fire & sulphur. It means that satan is defeated on its own territory. The Angel lift his eyes on the Heavens with a cross in his hands to glorify The One who conquered & annihilated the evil completely. This is like an apocalyptic view of Armageddon, the final reign of The Light on the hopeless empire of darkness.

Your most important beliefs?
Taanak: The Blood of Christ to save our lives from eternal death.

Do you like many Christian bands? Can you tell me something about your inspiration bands? And… Do you like also secular black and death metal bands? Who in particular?
Taanak: Wow many, many dude! I think our main influences & the bands we like are bands like Sacrificium, Beheadoth, Disparity, Horde, Mortification, Vomoth, Azbuk, Satan’s Doom, Amnos, Mordecai, Anathoth, Armageddon Holocaust, Bealiah, Kekal, Antestor, Drottnar, Pantokrator, Pergamon, Vital Decision, Israel, Apostasy, Benevolence, Caustic Funeral, Crimson Thorn, Disciple, Opprobrium, POD, Soul Embraced, Stavesacre, Underoath & Zao. In no particular order, but we all feel something special for Mortification. But as you can see, there’s no secular bands, we don’t listen to their bands.

Do you read the Bible? What are your preferred passages?
Taanak: Oh, you know the Bible is so rich. I think there’s something for every time, for every moment of your life. Things that will speak to you more deeply, added to what you live. Personally, I like so much the Psalms & the Proverbs, but Zechariah is really strong & prophetic about the things around us, like the conflict between Israel & “Palestine”. Last passage that touches me is found on Luke 19. Zacchaeus was so little of stature that he climbed up into a sycomore tree to see Jesus who had to come there, with a lot of people around Him. He surely thought that with so much people Jesus wouldn’t see Him, but that’s wrong. It was especially the day Jesus prepared to meet him. Jesus said him: “Today I must abide in thy house”. Zacchaeus received Him with joy. It made me think that for everyone, Jesus has chosen a day to meet you. But will you open your heart & receive Him with joy like Zacchaeus did or will you escape?

Your image is really great. I adore your face painting and I think that it is good to not let to secular blacksters these ways of perform (with swords and all the rest). What do you think about this?
Taanak: It’s quite Barbarian, but we all love the Viking culture. But you know, we’re servants of Christ, not of Black Metal & if one day we don’t want to continue with this, we’ll stop. That’s cool, but not essential. For us, it was both funny & serious. Serious to say: “We’re not playing for fun, we’re in war: the war against satan!”
I can finish telling you to continue with all the strength to fight and "Support the war against satan".... We will win...

Your last words for Rock Not Roll readers?
Taanak: Our CD is still for sale as well as our old demo-tape. We have Christian Metal merchandise for sale too. If you’re interested, check out our website You can also e-mail us. We need your prayers too & your support. God rulz!


Line Up:
Ashtaroth-Karnaïm: vocals
Taanak: bass, vocals
Hazaël: drums

Demoniciduth - Maisons Familiales 16
1018 Lausanne (VD)
Demoniciduth - Avenue du Giffre 2
74100 Annemasse

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