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INTERVIEW WITH THUNDER (italian version)
by Giancarlo Bolther

Can you tell us about the songs and the making of the new album?
CHRIS - The Magnificent Seventh was recorded during the summer of 2004 in a slightly different way to previous albums - drums and guitars were recorded in The Chapel Studio,while vocals, guitar and keyboard overdubs were done at home on our mobile ProTools rig, as was the mixing.

The cover of the new album reminds the westerns films, but there aren’t a lot of musical references to the o.s.t. of these films, can you explain why did you choose it, please?
CHRIS - We chose the western theme for the cover art simply because of the title being derived from the film "The Magnificent Seven". Also because we're all cowboys at heart!

Which are the differences from your last releases?
CHRIS - The songs on this album are more basic rock tunes, more in the style of the first album, Backstreet Symphony.

Where did you find the inspiration to write this album?
LUKE - Life, girls, music, money.....all the usual places really.

You have signed with the Italian label Frontiers, why this choice? Why not a major like you did in the past with Geffen?
CHRIS - Frontiers made a good plan for releasing our records and want to sell as many copies as possible. They are a small label but very hard working and that's the way we are as a label, so it's good to be with like minded people.
DB- Our time with major labels ran out when they decided we were not a good financial bet. It's the way of things in the music business. We accepted that at the time. When we worked with lesser labels it became very difficult because they could not do what they claimed. When we decided to reform, we made the decision to run our own label and work with independent labels in certain territories. It put us in control, and we decide our own fate. It works for us, though it is very hard work doing everything.

How much tradition and how much modernity there are into this new record?
CHRIS - There are equal measures of tradition and modernity - the tunes are all classic rock songs, but with a modern approach.

Which memories about the eighties do you like best to remember?
CHRIS - Huge hair and spandex! On both men and women!

You have a lot of experience in the music world, what has this thought you and what is changed in the music business?
CHRIS - The main thing that I've learned from many years in the music business is that you must have a firm belief in yourself, the ability to keep moving forward whatever happens, and lots of patience! The music business is changing rapidly - digital downloads and bands being able to sell themselves over the internet has taken a lot of the power away from the record companies.

What does it mean for you to play hard rock music again after so much time?
CHRIS - It's fantastic to still be able to play rock, and we're finding that a younger audience are now being attracted to our music, whether it's from them hearing their parents records, or through contemporary bands like The Darkness making them aware that rock music has a lot to offer.

How do you feel about the new bands and the new genres, are you interested in today's music?
CHRIS - There's not too much out at the moment that excites me, but I'm very glad to see a definite return to guitar-based bands that write their own songs.

The audiences are smaller today for hard rock bands, but there is still a good core of die hard fans, what do you feel about this situation?
CHRIS - There will always be rock fans - fashions in music come and go, but rock music never really goes away, it just goes quiet for a while, then it's back again, louder than ever!

Are you planning a tour to promote the album and what are you preparing for the next tour?
CHRIS - We are touring the UK, Holland, Belgium and Germany in March to promote the album.

There will be an Italian date?
CHRIS - At the moment, there are no plans to play in Italy, but we will be there given the opportunity!

What do you think about internet, in your opinion does it help music?
DB - Yes, Internet is a fantastic medium, it helps a lot to communicate quickly with fans and to promote yourself. Without it we could not run our label and stay in touch with our fans in the way we do.

What we can expect from Thunder for the future?
CHRIS - More of the same! This is what we do, and we love doing it, so we don't see any reason to stop!

Would you like to end this interview with a salute to your Italian fans?
CHRIS - Hi to all Thunder fans in Italy, thanks for your support through the years. We hope you like the new album - we do! Keep rocking, see you sometime soon.


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