Rock Impressions

by Giancarlo Bolther

Answered by S.Cyr (bass/drums)

Would you introduce the band with a short biography, please?
The band started as a one-man band, Arkdae recorded the first demo in 96, then a MCD with Ermia (at the time she was only a session member), and then he proposed Ermia, Hylgaryss and me (S.Cÿr) to form a real band. Right before the recording of our first album, Eliane joined us as a violonist. Then Marguerite joined before the recording of the second CD ("De lumière et d'obscurité"). Right after the recording of that album, Ermia left the band, and was replaced one year later by Dame Pandora with whom we recorded our 3rd album ("L'être las-l'envers du mirroir") and the new one (Les mémoires Bléssées).

Which are the main differencies between your four albums?
Principaly the sound. Music is in the same way in my opinion but we worked hard with the sound for the 2 last albums.

Can you tell us more about the songs and the making of the new album?
How much time did you spend composing and recording it?
Well, that’s hard to answer about the composing because we had some songs never recorded from the third album (because we initially previewed to do a double album) and new songs, so we worked with all those songs, trying to keep our favorite ones.
We recorded the album in 2 weeks + 8 days for the mix. We recorded it in the Studio E (Empyrium Studio) and this was again a real pleasure to work in Germany with these guys. We’re far from home, in calm small town, seems like we’re in holydays and this is the best way to record an album.

What does it mean the title of the new album for you? There is a concept behind the album?
It means “wounded memories”. The lyrics were writen by different people from the band and each one described his own feelings through his wounded memories.

"L'Adieu à l'Enfant", "Laissez Moi Mourir", "L'Instant Funèbre". All your songs seem very gloomy, what are you saying to your audience?
That we’re going to die. Our songs are full of sadness, pain. We try to communicate it to the audience.

What kind of response are you experiencing from the audience to your music?
well, people seem to be pleased. No tomatoes from now on.

You create a very particular album, did you look for an aesthetic result or for a spiritual one?
We always look for an aesthetic as the beautiful as possible. This is very important for us to do our best for both the music and the artwork.

Which artists have inspired you most?
Well… basically, the first recordings (demo tape and MCD) are maybe influenced by things as Mortiis (old), Elend (first CD), or some other Cold Meat Industry bands from up to 97, but as soon as we became a real band, the first album came with different atmospheres from all the members (from medieval, classical, traditional music...). We don’t think playing the same music than another band. We’re very different each others and it’s the influence of each individual which create the band and its atmosphere.

Your music can be described as a mix between atmosferic gothic and some doom influences?
Doom? well, I don’t think so, but we used to listen a lot a doom metal bands ! anyway, nor Gothic.
People often tell that we’re a gothic band, but I already listened samplers from gothic magazines and I never heard a music as the one we play !!
I just think we play something like “Dark Ambient”, with heavenly voices as it is named. But “Funeral Hymns” is my favorite “sticker” !
That’s always a problem when people ask us “What kind of music do you play ?”… Sometimes I use to answer “I don’t know !”…

Do you have a philosophy? Your vision of the world is...
wow… my vision of the world is very bad. I leave far from big town, far from people. Solitude is my philosophy and people are my enemies. But as I said, we’re quite different in the band, this is just my point of view.

What are your projects for the future?
To play the same music, without regarding if people will change or not. To record another album, also maybe to record a live video, nothing very “new”. We don’t prepare to change so our best wishes is to continue to have the opportunity to record our music and to spread it to sad souls.

A salute to your italian fans?
We previewed to come to play in Italy but seems to have problem with the place. Hope to come very soon anyway. Thank you all for your support ! You definitely rule !!
Cyr for Dark Sanctuary.


Review (in italian): Les Mémoires Blesseés; Exaudi Vocem Meam part.1

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