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INTERVIEW WITH KARI (italian version)
by Giancarlo Bolther

Dear Giancarlo
Thank you so much for interesting questions. And thank you so much for nice words about my music! That means a lot to me. Thank you for understanding.
Lots of love

Your new record is very intimistic and atmosferic, what kind of music do you want to create and can you tell us more about the songs and the making of the new album?
In a way Pilot is a dogma-record. I made strict rules for myself during the making of the arrangements. All the sounds that you hear are there for a reason. I did not use any ready-made-beats or loops and the melody is always the most important thing in the arrangement. It is important for me not to try to make the same album twice. I am in a continuos change, and that will reflect itself in my music. Pilot has it’s own story to tell. Musically I’d say Pilot is minimalistic arrangement-wise. On this album I have arranged and produced all the songs myself. I spend 3 years in London to perfection myself in the art of music-programming and studio-engeneering. I had a distinct idea on what I wanted this record to sound like, and I needed the skills required to make it happen. It was a big step for me to produce and arrange all the songs myself, I did not know if I’d be able to do it or not!

Where have you found the ispiration to write this album?
Nature has always inspired me, and it always will. I find inspiration in the calmness Nature provides. And not to forget the massive beauty of it all! Most of all freedom inspires me. Now I have my own studio and I can do whatever I want arrangements-wise. The lyrics always comes first, so when I write music, the music grows out of inspiration from the lyrics. So in a way the lyrics inspire the music…

Does this album mark a new step into your career?
In a way it does, for me personally as a composer and engineer. Pilot is the first album that I have made totally on my own. I have always made all the songs and lyrics myself in the past, but I have worked with different producers and music-programmers in studio. Pilot is recorded by me in my own studio, I have produced it myself and no-one but me has had a saying about the final result. In that Pilot is almost like a debut album!

Which are the most important differences with your previous albums?
When I made Spindelsinn I was very influenced by Norwegian Nature and traditional Norwegian music. The second album, Mesmerized, was made in a more urban way, more dominated by beats and guitars. This time I have stripped the arrangements down, so that sometimes my voice alone holds the tune. I have made a world of my own, where the listener has to dive in, and understand. In a way Pilot is like a journey trough minimalism, melancholy, darkness – though always knowing there will be light at the end of the tunnel – but you have to discover it yourself.

There is an hidden song at the end, what does it mean?
It is meant as a nice little bonus… and also to give you a mild scare if you forget to turn your cd-player off… ;)

Which are the songs that characterize you best and why?
I cannot possibly put any of the songs above the others! They all mean so much to me, and they are all a part of the story that is Pilot.

Which are your fave bands/artists, the ones that inspires you best?
I am a big fan of female vocalists who try to do things differently music-wise. Diamanda Galas has always been a great source of inspiration. And also Tom Waits must be mentioned.

How do you feel about the new bands and the new genres, are you interested in today's music?
I like music that evokes some kind of emotion in me. I don’t like to talk about genres when it comes to music. Music just is what it is. Music should speak for itself, not any genre.
I am into all music that is interesting and that touches me in any way.

What do you remember about your previous experience with the 3rd and the Mortal? Why did you leave that band?
I left the 3rd and the mortal in order to pursue a solo-career. It was a tough desition to make, and I thought about it a lot before I desided to do it. We were all such good friends and we had had so much fun and been through a lot together. But it was the right thing to do. I had my ideas of making music that i wanted to put into life, and they had theirs. Sometimes I miss being in a band. Sharing the ups and downs so to speak. But most of the time I like being in charge of everything myself, control-freak as i am!!! We are still the best of friends, and we see each other whenever i visit Trondheim. I like the records we did a lot! I am proud of what we did together.

How is born your musical carreer?
I have always loved singing, and I had my first performance with a band when I was twelve. I have also studied music at the University. But it all didn’t really start until I released the cd’s with The 3rd and the mortal.

Which were the happiest years of your life?
Hopefully they are yet to come…

And the most difficult ones?
They are resting peacefully in the past…

Do you have a philosophy? Your vision of the world is...
People should have the freedom to do what they want as long as they don’t take anybody else’s freedom away.

Which are your ambitions and expectations about the future?
My hope is that people will let music that challenges them into their heart, not just empty pop-music!!!

What is the greatest challenge for your future?
I will continue to make music that is unique to myself, music that comes from my heart and hopefully will find a place in the heart of those who listen.


Demo Recordings - CD (1995)
Spindelsinn - CD (1997)
Demo Recordings Rerelease - CD (1997)
Mesmerized - CD (1999)
Pilot - CD (2002)

Review (in italian): Pilot

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