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INTERVIEW WITH LYS (italian version)
by Giancarlo Bolther

Frederic, how is born your musical carreer?
When I was 17 years old, I bought a synth, a microphone and a 4-tracks recorder. I was influenced by The Legendary Pink Dots and I recorded my first solo project "Geisha Mermaid"

Can you tell me something about the songs of Melisse, and the making of the new album…
I will tell you about Melisse track to track, and tell you more about the mystery of each song.
- "MâHâta" is a prayer to the Earth. We walk every day of the Earth, she feeds us, she's our Mother.
- "Zên" is an extatic-trance incantation..
- "Des rivages atlantes" conveys you with romantic love from Atlantide times.
-"Toi" speaks about freedom and transcendance. It's a song for rising from my inner jail. Like a bird is flying away from the nid of his parents.
- "Rebirth" is a ghost dance, it's a story of a soul looking for incarnation.
-"Venus" speaks about Joy in the spring times.
-"Mélisse" is about childhood and nostalgy for my mother.
-"Un palais d'or" is the mystery of the celestial Kingdoms.
-"Mirzo" deals with the mystery of Life.
- "Aranda" is about desire and sexual attraction and maybe guilty.
-"Fleur Carnivore" is about loneliness, reclusion and definitively opens to the Life.
- "Sage-oiseau" is about Nature wisdom.

How do you go about the process of composing songs?
One emotion, one sound and if different sounds combine well together, the song begins!

There is a concept behind the album, why the title Melisse?
There is no concept. I wish to express my inner world and my learnings about inner serenity, security and peace. Melisse is a plant that brings peace!

You have played with a lot of different musicians, which are the ones that you have never played with that you would like to have at your side?
I have no wish to play with a special musician, I just hope for new wonderful meetings and sharing.

Which are the ones that have played with you who have impressed you the most?
Louisa John-Krol and Francesco Banchini.

In your opinion which are the differences between your two albums?
The first CD is more tortured, complex, the second is more simple, direct and peaceful.

Which artists have inspired you most?

Are you speaking about Jesus?
No, I don't mean Jesus but God. But it's only a word. I speak about magic of Life

With Sabine and Arno you manage the label Prikosnovenie and your products are very particular in all their aspects, which is the project behind?
To give all our love to the people through music. Prikosnovenie is a label learning authenticity. We don't care about fashions.

One of the best things you did (in my opinion) is the mixing of different cultures, you have in catalog artists from Italy, Russia, Australia, Greece, Great Britain… and you made projects, like Love Sessions, in which these artists work together and exchange knowledge, this is very exciting and creative…
I'm happy of this. Love Sessions is my best album and my best studio experience.

The music market is in great difficulty, which are the problems to face for your label?
To reach the people, to be distributed, promoted. It helps us to develop all our creativity through artistic but also through communication...

What do you think about the new technologies like computer, Internet… and their inpact over the music?
Well, these technologies are not good for the health but they help us for many many things. For Prikosnovenie, we use a computer for the sound, one for the graphic, three for internet, comptability etc... We can't live in our job without computer. But luckily they are not useful for my private life and love!

If we look to some of your (Prikosnovenie) albums and referencies it seems that you are close to Neo Pagan and New Age movements, is that true or did you’re not interested in these aspects?
You are free to classify us where you want. It's as your convenience. I don't care.

Do you have a philosophy? Your vision of the world is...
My philosophy is to learn the divine in my life.

France is a great country for music (i.e. there is an important prog scene thanks to Musea) and french artists have an unique style, what is your opinion about the music scene like in your country today?
I have no opinion. Sorry!

What is the greatest challenge for your future?
To be free.


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