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INTERVIEW WITH TRANSIT (italian version)
by Giancarlo Bolther

Can you introduce us yourself and give us a bit of history, please?
Transit aka Jan K. Transeth calling from up north... Been involved with several bands/ projects throughout the years, some of them being In the Woods..., Naervaer, Green Carnation, Soxpan and In Vain. The past 7 - 8 years I've had my ego trippin' one man thing going on, namely Transit. Just released my debut solo album.

Can you tell us about the songs from Decent Man On A Desperate Moon?
The album holds ten songs written between 1999 and 2006 and comes with a varied mix between rock, country, psychedelia. My main ambition with music, is to create as much opposites and contrasts as possible, while maintaining certain song structures. I'm pretty happy with the outcome and just started writing songs for the next album. I'm a slow fucker and I work with that in mind. In my opinion, music evolves and grows better by time, just like wine, cheese.

The title is very particular, what does it mean?
"Decent man on a desperate moon" mirrors our age, our time, and by that probably all ages together if you know what I mean. At any time throughout history there's been numerous people who feel they live in a completely derailed world. I've got that feeling too, right here and now, and I'm 100 pst. sure there's a great deal of us... Me Decent/ World gone violently Desperate.

Where do you find inspiration for writing your lyrics and how do you go about the process of composing songs?
I usually write the two separately and then I get to a point where it's becoming obvious that this lyric and that piece of music fits together. The funny thing is that they're both written within the same period of time somehow and it's like they were made for each other. I guess it's some kind of a sub - conscious vibe to the whole process. I don't spend to much time "thinking" music, I'm more of a "doer". So I just start jamming on a theme, wether it's musical or lyrical, and then I eventually end up with a song or three.

The album is quite deep, do you are searching for a spiritual or a philosophic result?
As already mentioned, I seem to strive for dynamics, opposites. I'm not searching for anything in particular, but I try to make music look up me instead of me looking up music, if you know what I mean. I never sit down with a guitar or a piano - or a drum-kit for that matter - and "try" to write stuff. It's all happening as natural as possible and I'm sure it all ends up in an expression that is as honest as possible from my behalf. The rest is up to the listener really.

The album is very interensting, we can find psichedelic, folk, blues, modern pop rock, dark, what kind of music are you shooting for?
I enjoy all kinds of music and I believe that wether one likes it or not, the music you make is somehow under influence from what you listen to. So I guess Transit is a product of different kids of genres mixed with J.K. Transeth - spice hah hah...

Listening to the album i've found some connections (not even influencies, but more like suggestions) with Nick Cave, Placebo, Radiohead, the Doors... what do you think about?
I like more or less all these artists, at least some of their stuff.
I've got albums from all of them besides a huge pile of others, so I'm sure you're on to something. They're credible musicians in my universe, so I can live with that.

Thoughts to represent alive this project or it will remain only a studio project?
So far, we've played 4 - 5 gigs with full line-up (battery, bass guitar, 2 x guitars, piano and vocals) and I've done loads on my own with guitar/ voice only. I find a real kick out of a live situation, so I hope we can play loads more in the years to come. We're trying to set something up for this autumn, but it's still a bit uncertain what the outcome will sond/ look like.

In your opinion, which are the main differencies between all the bands you have worked with?
The main difference is that they all consist of unique constellations of people and thus they have a varied approach to composing, writing, recording etc. Other than that, I must say it's great for me finally being on my own without a band to compromise with. I can experiment as much as I want, no limitations. It's a dream come true.

If you could have the possibility, which are the artists you would like to play with and why?
Actually I don't feel like playing with any other musicians other than the band I've gathered for Transit. They're all unique and professional, and at the same time a great bunch to throw a party with heh heh heh... What more can one ask for? We experiment a whole deal at rehearsals and push new ideas to their limits, so I'm pretty sure that if we had just a week or so on the road, it would eventually sound rawer and more dynamic than the great band it already is.

What kind of music do you listen to? What are your favourite bands actually and what are your inspirations from the past?
Holy crap, that's a hard one! Well, I do listen to anything almost, always have. Don't have any particular faves, but I usually prefer older recordings to new ones, though there's now and then a few new artists coming out that can blow yer head off. Nowadays I'm more into some of the early blues stuff, especially Robert Johnson. I also dig the occasional Dylan record, Cash, QOTSA, Mayhem (De Mysteriis...), Nancy Sinatra and so on and so on. Lately I've been a lot into the Stille Opprör album "So2". Maybe I had no choice as it's been released on my own label, but it's a damn fine piece of art!

What can you tell me about the musical scene in your country and how culturally connected are you to your native land?
Lots of stuff have happened in Norway during the past fifteen years or so, and we have developed some great artists. I don't feel particularly related, but I guess I am wether I like it or not.
Anyway, it's a great "trend" if you can call it that, and I think it's really kool that more norwegian bands are being exported nowadays.

Which is the greatest satisfaction happened to you in your musical carreer?
Actually it was a release gig we did when "Decent man.." was released this May. We played a small, local venue with room for no more than 120 people, and it was filled to the brim with music lovers of all kinds. I've worked on this album for about seven years now, and all the tension released during the set was a massive explosion of energy!
That's why I wanna go on the road as soon as humanly possible heh heh heh..

Can you live from music or do you have other jobs?
No I can't. But I don't really want to either. To me, it's important to have a regular job in order to feel connected to society in a way.
Of course it depends on you liking your job or not, but I'm a privileged man and I love my job. I work with troubled youth. It's demanding, but I get a lot in return besides I get to learn something new every day.

How much important is the family in your musical carreer?
It's very important. Without my family I would never have been as determined with my music.

Which were the happiest years of your life? And the most difficult ones?
The happiest years are right now actually hah hah hah...! I've got great family including two kids, I'm currently building my own house and I play in the best band ever. Again; Cannot ask for more, and I mostly enjoy every bit of it.

Thanks a lot for your time and feel free to end this interview with a salute or a message...
Right back atcha - it's been a pleasure! Viva Italia, not Berlusconi :o) Take care and salute to all the readers!
Transit - Jan K Transeth

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