Rock Impressions

by Giancarlo Bolther

Let's talk about the new album WRONG, how long did it take you to realize it?
The album " Wrong" developed since we´ve been finished with " Danger World", our last Album (2001). But the actual Production time including Mixing was maybe around 12 weeks, i would say.

Would you like to tell us about the new songs?
As every artist would say, "we love them all"! The title track "Wrong" by example Is a heavy, dark Rock Song (with still some hope in it), which was inspired by the athmosphere that has been laying all over the world short after the 9/11. Or the "Happy go lucky" which is a very optimistic Song. which fits very well to our new Singer, Andre Carswell", who is in fact a very positive thinking person! (He wrote the lyrics to that one)

How much tradition and how much modernity are there inside this new record?
I mean from the basics, it`s a "hand made" album. The mean thing, that makes "Wrong" sound modern, are the compositions, which are influenced by the times we are living in and not by dreaming of the past !

Where did you find the ispiration to write it?
I would say, in "real live", though there are some love songs as well on this album as some "athmosperic" one´s like "Fade out". speaking for me ,I don`t listen to much to other music, because I`m doing it all the time anyway.

Usually you have used a lot of nice paintings for your artwork, but Wrong has got a very simple image, only a red writing over a black field, why this choice?
Because we see ourselves as a modern Rockband which plays strong Rock music with power, love and heart and not as a relict from the past, which only copies the sound of 1970/80. So that`s what the Cover of "Wrong" should show.

Which are the main differences between Danger World and Wrong?
The "Danger World" album was a kind of "looking for were to Anyone´s Daughter will go" in future. It was in between Rock and Pop, with some great songs on it like "I´ll never walk that road again", "Nina" or "Wheel of fortune". But it didn`t decide between Rock and Pop. So "Wrong" is a really Rock album.

What was happened when you decided to break up in the eighties?
In 1984, Uwe Karpa and me had to do their "Zivildienst", (which in Germany you can do instead of joining to the army). So we had to take a 18 month break in playing and during that time our singer which was Harald Bareth, decided that he doesn`t want to do music professional for his whole live. So after that break, we played one tour with a new singer, drummer and bass player, but though they all have been great musicians, it wasn´t the right combination of people somehow. And we didn´t have the right plan were to go musically those days.

What have you done after the stop in all these years?
Speaking for me, I played in several bands, (touring with Peter Schilling("Major Tom"), "Sinner", and some others) working as a session player, producing records for other bands and things like this. Since 1996 I´m also doing records and touring with "Heinz-Rudolf Kunze", a well known german Rock artist. Uwe Karpa played in several bands in Munich. More details you can see on our web-page, But I think since beginning of the 90`we got the plan to do Anyone´s Daughter again in mind.

Which memories do you like best to remember about the '80?
Just the great audience we got which made it possible for us to play around 100 Concerts a year from 1981 to 1984. And just the concerts themselves, which always have been like a happening.

Why have you decided to come back and which emotions have you felt with your come back?
As I said above, it was a plan over a long time already. The mean problem was finding the right people which fit well together. And finding time to concentrate a longer period on "Anyone's Daughter". But with the new ones, which are Andre Carswell on vocals, Peter Kumpf on drums and Raoul Walton on bass, we finally made that perfect!

Do you think that the success of the new prog scene helped your reunion?
We never felt as members of that scene, though parts of our music fits that "Category" But anyway, I don´like to put music just in a category, because there are so many things in between categories, which go lost because of doing that!

After so many years, how has the music business changed?
It´s as bad as it always used to be.

And how much are you changed?
We all got older, i think!

What do you think about the new prog scene?
I mean it´s good, that this kind of music is still alive, and that there are young bands putting new input to that music-style.

Have you listened to some of the new bands and are there some that you like?
I listened to "Mars Volta" by example, which I really liked. On the other side, i like bands like Evanescence or Linking Park. They got great power, though there are very "dark" sounding. But that´s maybe a big difference to Anyone's Daughter, we only sound dark sometimes but also got alot of hope in our music, as i think.

According to you, what developments will there be for progressive music in the next few years?
I hope that progressive music comes out of its "corner" and will be known to more people than at the moment!

There are a lot of great bands from Germany still alive like Birth Control, Epitaph, Jane, Amon Duul, Nektar, Ramses and many others, why "krautrock" is still so vital?
I think, that is because "Krautrock" is a very special thing. And special things always find its audience!

Is this only a German phenomenon or is there some foreign interest in German bands?
There always have been a lot of interest in german bands from asia, especially from Japan! Or South America as well.

Have you ever played live in Italy? Any future project to play in our country?
Unfortunately not. But we would really like to!

What we can expect from Anyone's Daughter for the future?
Great powerful music like always!

Best wishes from Germany
Matthias Ulmer / Anyone´s Daughter
Thank you for the interview, Giancarlo.


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