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INTERVIEW WITH DBA (italian version)
by Giancarlo Bolther

Hello Giancarlo this is are you....?
Here is the interview....if you need anything more let us now...thank you ...peace ...carmine

I'm really a fan of both of you, in my personal discography I've collected The McCoys, Glass Derringer, Edgar and Johnny Winter, Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, BBA, soloist and many others, over thirty years of superb music, but I'm surprised to see a new, really good record with you in the new millenium. Why have you felt the desire to rock together again with such strong energy?
Well Greg hampton our co producer called me and said he would like me and Rick to work together again because he like our DNA project we did in the 80' I said I would love to work with Rick because Rick was such a great guitarist, singer...o then the question came about the Bass I recommended Tim and do the DERIINGER,BOGERT ad APPICE ...similar to Beck, Bogert and Appice... Also Tim and I just finished a tour at the end of 99 called CHAR, BOGERT and APPICE... Char is a Famous Guitarist in Japan and we had played the Budohkan and a sold out tour in Japan.... so Tim was a natural for the band....We wanted he for the CD to ROCK with a lot of new, we rehearsed in 5 days wrote sogs in about 1 week and recorded the CD in about 15 days... that is how we got the energy on the CD...and the mies were approached as a new band very trash and modern

Can we say that your new album is a bit nostalgic?
Yes, we wanted it to be 70's but with new technology on it...i was recorded and mixed on protools....but it has a 70's/modern garage band sound...

What does it mean for you to play rock music again after so much time?
Well we have all been playing ROCK music all this Time...Rick on his own...Me and Tim playing in Japan with Char...and 99' we saw some Vanilla Fudge concerts...And I have been working in Japan on A Rock group called PEAREL and My Guitar ZEUS projects (

Where did you find the ispiration to write this album?
We just tried to be ourselves sharing the vocals and playing the kind of songs we all like...all in a hard rock vein.... enjoying each others playing and singing.... and each other's company we had a great time making this CD

Where would you place your new record in today's scene?
I think it could be placed in today's scene...songs like Blood from a stone, Every body's comin ( wen people heard Every Boy's comin' ..people said this is RED HOT Chilli Peppers) BYE BYE Baby...Dawn of Love...sound like todays kind of songs...

Do you think there is still a place for the blues today?
Oh yes many great blues players still comin' out....and doing well....

You have a lot of experience in the music world, what has this tought you?
I showed me and the band that no matter what age...if you get some great musician singer,writers together.. you get a real good CD with energy....

How do you feel about the new bands and the new genres, are you interested in today's music?
Some of the boy bands sing well as some of the woman singers...but they all sound the one wroites their own song except some of the ROCK Bands....but I think alot of the ROCK band stuff is cool... I like a lot of oit...I like mixing RAP verses with Singing chorus'....

I've found a lot of technical ability but also a lot more soul in this new record, which of the two do you feel has contributed more?
I think it was an equal of Both...because in DBA you need the soul and Techiqnic...

The cover of "Doin' business as..." brings to mind BBA, why?
Well I have to admit the label came up wit that logo....our art director came up with a dfferent logo on the same background....but it looks cool I think... A BLAST FROM THE PAST .....

1973 was the year for BBA, in 1999 there was CBA, today DBA, is there some kind of evolution taking place? What's next?
EBA?????...Le's stop at D with RICK and keep it goin'

DNA, What do you remember about that record/period?
WE had a great time recording DNA and it was written and recorded FAST... we did a fun video ...It was a great experience.....

I must confess that when I bought that record (Party Tested) i didn't like it (I was only into Heavy Metal at that time). Today, after over 15 years, I'm listening to it again and I've found it very interesting, with a lot of innovative solutions. Did people understand it at the time it was published?
Yes they did in the US ...our video was on MTV 5 times aday and the single made it to the TOP 40 album airplay...then our label went out of business.. and it all stopped!!!

Will you come to Europe and to Italy for a tour? (hey boys we would really love that!)
WE would love that also.. the label and our manager are talkin to gt a european tour together....I hope it happens... I love ITALY,,,, hey I'm ITALIAN......Peace to you and Keep Rockin' with DBA.... !


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