Rock Impressions

by Giancarlo Bolther

Hi Charlie i’m happy to see that you are still in the business, because i’ve really liked your singing in the past, but I’ve lost your trace after the split with Dream Theater, what have you done in all this period?
I was just living my life like everyone else. I waited to get the inspiration to return to music and it finally came. Now I am in better shape physically than ever before and I have gotten the "love" for the music again.

In the past you’ve played a lot of different styles of music, why did you choose to play a modern blend of heavy metal for the new album?
It's my favorite music. I was involved in the writing of WDADU and I wanted to continue in that same direction. The first part of the trilogy was all acoustic only because I had no band yet at the time. Now we are a real band and ready to play the trilogy the way it was intended to be written and played!

Can you tell me more about the genesis of the whole project?
I started this O3 project in early 2005. I only did the first CD all acoustic because I had no band then. This new album (part 2) is what it is supposed to sound like. I don't mind that part 1 is all acoustic because it is kind of like when you see a movie and then you want to read the book. Part one is "the book" and also the beginning of the story. People will hear part 2 and eventually part 3 and then want to "read the book", so to speak. They will then be able to appreciate part 1 more because it is the beginning of the story. The problem is that when people finally want to get part 1, it will be hard to find since there are only 5,000 copies in the world. They can buy one from me now with an autograph from my website, until they are all gone.

What emotions have you experienced with your comeback?
I'm very happy. I was like a fish out of water all those years.I am finally where I belong. In the music studio and on the stage.

Which were the happiest years of your life? And the most difficult ones?
The happiest were when I was a small child. These years are the most difficult now. Although lately these are becoming more and more the happiest years at last!

Looking back to your musical carreer, do you believe to be more lucky or more unlucky?
Very lucky. I was chosen for DT back in 1987 and I have to say that it was a very lucky break for me. Now I can continue what I started back then.

What we must expect from the third episode, do you have written some music yet, can you do some anticipations, please?
It will be similar to part 2 but heavier. I have not written any of it yet because I want it to come to me with inspiration the way the first two parts did. I have the finished story in my head. We will sit down and write it together when the time is right, probably in the fall of 2007.

Can you tell us more about the story behind the trilogy?
You can find that on my website: It is basically a story that I like to call "Science Faction". It is about a fanatic religious group that wants to destroy the world so that God can be ultimately realized. The story revolves around the characters and how they deal with all of this. It is full of politics, philosphy and religion.

Religion and philosophy are two great themes faced with your album, what do you think about religion and how much religious or spiritual are you?
I personally think that religion is one of the main things that seperate people and cause men to turn against each other. I have no specific religion myself, although my family is catholic. I believe, however that I am a more spiritual person because I do not adhere to any one religion specifically. I think it is something we all need to practice in every part of life, not just on Sunday (or Saturday).

What does the title mean?
Again, that is explained on our web site. O3 is Ozone, a gas that is used sometimes to kill bacteria in water. This chemical, when altered, is the formula that the terrorists want to use to kill all life on earth.

Where do you find inspiration for writing your lyrics?
From the world news. From every day events in politics and religion.

How do you go about the process of composing songs?
I write the lyrics first. We write the music together after I start a basic musical idea for each song.

What kind of message do you want to give with this story?
Wake up, world! Wake up before it is too late!

How are going the responses?
Very good, thanks!

What is different about your new project as compared to what you've done with Dream Theater?
It's similar as far as the style of music (prog), but it is more edgy and a lot more like my work on WDADU.

Your album is really good, but how hard it was for you to find a good deal?
I'm still looking for a good deal!

Which is the greatest satisfaction happened to you in your musical carreer?
Finishing this album.

As we have said, you played a lot of different styles of music, but what kind of music do you listen to? What are your favourite bands actually and what are your inspirations from the past?
I don't listen to much music at all. I try to concentrate on the music in my own head.

You have a lot of experience in the music world, what has this taught you?
That if you don't do it for the love of music alone, then don't even bother doing it at all.

Did you play on tour after the realization of the cd? Are you planning to play in Italy in the future?
No tour yet but I hope so. Actually we just finished a short mini-tour with DT. We played in Hungary, Croatia and Austria. It was a blast!

Thanks a lot Charlie, would you like to end with a final salute...
Ciao Italia! Miei Fratelli per sempre! See you all on tour!

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