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INTERVIEW WITH MORTIIS (italian version)
by Giancarlo Bolther

Can you do a statement of your musical career?
Statement? basically I feel that the music I am doing now is what I should have been doing seven years ago instead of wasting time of whatever I was doing then. I really believe strongly in this.

Which are the most important differences between your records?
This new one is actually good and pretty well executed whereas my previous albums certainly wasn\t.

Can you tell us about the new songs?
They\re all, in a nutshell, about myself and the ways i have felt the last couple of years. All the songs are really introspective. There\s also a lot of new elements in the songs, such as programing, guitars and lead vocals, which i never used to do before.

Where do you find inspiration for writing them?
From a lot of other bands, and also things that happens to me...the misery that never seems to cease is a pretty strong influence.

I've appreciated in particular Monolith for it's emotionally atmosphere. There is a song that represent you best?
Not really...I have loads of different types of emotions, and preferences so I like to vary my stuff a bit...The album itself is a pretty good representation of me right now, though.

How much time did it take to you to realize the new album?
A couple of years...

Which are the artists that influenced you best and the ones you take as examples when you write music?
NIN, Skinny Puppy, Enigma, etc.

Who really is Mortiis as a person and as an artist?
the exact same person. Peole seem to think that I have two different personalities which couldn\t be further from the truth. I really don\t likeb explanining myself anyway, people that meet and talk to me has to make up their own impression about me. I\m not here to tell people how they should think I am.

Do you have a philosophy?
No, not really.

How much important is the look for you?
it hasa been with me for a long time, so it is a big part of me that feels very natural now, so as such it is very important to me.

How do you live the day-to-day reality?
Coping would be the key word. Right now my entire setup has fallen apart and i don\t know when i can start making music again...So these days are pretty bleak...

It seems to me that the eighties dark wave bands were much more experimental and searched than today bands, what is your point of view?
i have no idea...But logically when a music style is new, it is of course a lot more experimental as well, so it makes sense I suppose.

In my opinion you have a lot cured image, but i haven't equally found deepening in your music, it's only an impression?
I don\t really understand the question...So i dunno what to add to that. if you mean my image has changed a lot but not so much the music, then i couldn\t disagree more.

How do you see the gothic scene of today in Germany and in the rest of the world?
You know i don\t really look that much at it...germany seem to have a very big gothic scene that is really healthy, and that can only be good...but quite frankly i don\t really check these things out that much, I tend to look out for myself, which is a full time job in itself anyway.

Which are your ambitions and expectations about the future?
Right now i want to repair all my samplers and computer and other things that recently died on me, and then get going again with my stuff. But I\d like to tour next year.

Is there something special that you would like to say to your italian fans?
Thanks a lot and see you soon (hopefully).


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