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by Giancarlo Bolther

Let's talk about Master of Magic, how much time did you spend composing and recording it?
We spend for all songs almost 3 years. We work in general 2 songs in the same time and when we think it's OK we record the song.

Can you tell us about the songs from the new album?
Over the mountain was record in the same time than the tribute to death SS 'The Night of the Witch'. I play guitar, bass and the vocal on the cool part. Sylvain play drums and sing in the rest of the song and Marco play keyboards. It's a pure Northwinds song that must be listen several time to enter in the different atmosphere.
Lost paradise : Perhaps the most heavy metal song of Northwinds. A song for play live with a 80's riff. We play a lot of part with two guitars (David and me ).
Entre chien et loup : One of the rare french song of Northwinds. Write in camping holidays in the little mountain of Morvan in Bourgogne with guitars and flute near a fire. A strange atmosphere during this full moon night with the help of a lot a wine. A lot of work in studio to try to recreate this strange atmosphere.
Violet rainbow Doom song with sad lyrics. One one my prefer for the voices.
Broceliande Another french song speak about one of our favorite place the forest of broceliande in Britain. A magic and creative area.
King of the green moutain Heavy song without Keyboard.
Dancing in moonlight Song speak about the festival of Avignon. We were captivate by a nice dancer disguise in death under the warm night of Avignon. A magic and bewitched moment.

Is there a concept behind the new album?
We try to create in each song a part of magic and dream call.

Master of Magic contains some new and some old songs, which are the differences in your opinion? (in particular I've found a smaller use of certain folk and celtic melodies in the new songs)
We never create all the song in the same time. We try that each song are different with own atmosphere. We never say that this song must look like a other. It's for that all the song are not create in the same moment. We don't think we use less celtic and folk melodies.

In my opinion The Great God Pan is more poetic and Master of Magic is more bewitched. Which are the differences for your opinion from your two releases?
Perhaps but it's difficult for us to say this.

How do you manage the compositive process into the band?
In general, I create more the music and the bases of the rythmic. Sylvain the lyrics and the song melodies. Marco give his celtic and folk influence, Benjamin and Benoit their energy and power. But it's in general a lot of part are a mix of all the musician of Northwinds.

How is born the collaboration with Steve Sylvester?
Steve Sylvester has listen the tribute to Death SS and appreciate our work . He's in contact with black Widow and call us to know if he can make something in our new album. We say OK because we are fan and it's a honour to have Steve in our album.

Are you satisfied by his work in the new album?
Yes we are satisfied . Master of magic is perhaps more rich and you must listen more than Great god pan to appreciate all.

Listening to your albums i have felt a lot of influences, after all Black Sabbath and Jethro Tull, but how much do you feel to be influenced by these bands? There are others artists that influenced you that you'd like to mention?
Some bands we like all (Black Sabbath, Ange, Candlemass, Witchfinder general for example).It's sure each have prefer band but I think our music is a mix off a lot of influence, we listen a lot of different music. Progressive rock of the 70's, Heavy metal of the 80's, doom and black metal off the 90's.

You are a band out of time, there is some nostalgia in your sound?
It's sure we like the atmosphere of the 70's music the discovery of new sound and the possibility to create song of 15 mn with heart and not only for make a hit on radio.

Do you think there is still a place for the doom today?
Some bands give a lot for the recognition of the doom like Cathedral and Candlemass. Only group believe in doom metal make this music without fake. It's a pure music it's for that It's very important to have a place for doom. Stay DOOMED.

I believe that doom is more than a musical genre, it'a a way of life, a big metaphor, a channelling experience. What do you like to say about this?
Emotions are the best.

Do you have a philosophy? Your vision of the world is...

In your lirics you speak about paganism and your songs seems to be very esoteric, what are you saying to your audience?
Out lyrics are full of images and they can mean many things to many people : Many readings about the text are possible. We hope that everyone would find a link with their state of mind.

How do you live the day-to-day reality outside the band? What kind of person are you as men and as artists?
Me I have 35 and two childs, I live in Paris. Sylvain 32 and one child. Marco 34 and one child. Benjamin and Benoit are student. We have noraml life and we always keep this part of dream and creativity with Nortwinds that permit to escape from the stress of life.

Can you tell us something about your relationship with Black Widow and why you have choose an italian label to record your albums, are you satisfied?
We have good relation with Black Widow. What a pity we are so far from them.

Which are your future projects?
Make a third album. We have begin to write the new song. we begin to record the first song of this new album very soon.


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