Rock Impressions

by Giancarlo Bolther

Hi Barry, It was very nice to have been in touch, but for me it was even better to know that you have signed with Frontiers, an italian label, how did you get in touch with them?
Serafino from Frontiers got in touch with me through my web-site .The website has been a great way to stay in touch with our fans.

Can you tell me more about the songs of the new album Lost And Found?
The songs on the new cd were recorded in the period after my Orion the Hunter album.I was working with several different singers developing new material.Keyboardist Brian Maes had toured with OTH, and introduced me to Tim Archibald and David Stefanelli.Brad Delp got more and more involved, and eventually left Boston to record and tour with RTZ.

When do you wrote them and why they weren’t used before?
We wrote a lot of material during this time.The songs that were written closer to our signing with Giant Records were the ones that got used.Many of these songs had been forgotten, and were brought to attention when I did a transfer of older material from tape to digital.

Do you have some more songs on the vaults that may be realised?
Some of the songs of this period were lost to tape degradation and can't be used.There are some songs with singers other than Brad, but I have no plans to release them.

Maybe it’s time now to realise a live album, with a dvd too...
Brad and I had been touring regionally to promote Delp/Goudreau and had planned on recording a DVD but Tom Scholz decided to tour with Boston and plans had to be postponed.

Why did you choose a title very similar to the “Lost” album, don’t you think that this may cause some confusion?
The title and package for the new cd were developed by Frontiers.

I know that you are still in touch with the guys of the band (RTZ), there is the possibility to realize a new album with this band or do you are thinking about doing a new project?
As I said we had been touring with all the members of RTZ along with Lisa Guyer on guitar and vocals and Patti Barkus on background vocals. We were doing material from my solo work,RTZ and Delp/Goudreau.

It’s been a year since the realisation of Delp & Goudreau album, which were the responses so far?
The response to Delp/Goudreau has been great, although some people seem to think we are softening a bit.I guess our age is showing!

After the realization of Delp & Goudreau you did some concerts, which was the response of the audience?
The response to our shows was very good.At a show we did at the Hard Rock cafe in Boston, people waited for hours in the cold to get inside.I wish i had a DVD of that night!

As said you signed with an italian label, any hope to see you playing live in our country?
Whether we tour again with RTZ really depends on what happens with Brad and Boston. I have no control over it , but I'm ready to go when he is!


interviews: 2003

Review (in italian): Delp & Goudreau; Lost and Found

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