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Thirteen of Everything - Our Own Sad Fate THIRTEEN OF EVERYTHING
Our Own Sad Fate
Basement Avatar Records
Symphonic Prog
Support: CD
- 2019

We had enthusiastically greeted the debut of this Texan band in 2005 and couldn’t have expected we would have to wait so long to listen to the sequel. Meanwhile the band has undergone some inevitable line-up changes, without losing the central core composed of Ted Thomas (vocals and drums) and Mick Peters (vocals, Chapman Stick, bass and acoustic guitar). Nevertheless the symphonic and visionary sound has remained the same, with complex scores always built paying close attention to the melodic lines.

As we have already noted in our review of their debut, TOE produces music that does not sound "American", that does not intend to be “easy listening”. However it must be said that a growing number of US artists are trying to add a greather depth to their songwriting thus getting a bit closer to prog European productions, for a long time characterized by a higher level of intricacy. Our Own Sad Fate consists of seven tracks, all very significant and different from one another. There are moments of pure lyricism as in "Event Horizon", which offers instrumental phrases of outstanding beauty. The album opens with "Dark Energy" and soon we're flooded with kaleidoscopic parts, gently melancholy passages alternating with electric lashes, and rhythms that are intriguing. "Walk on Water" is my favorite among all tracks, revealing a pleasant singing and a nice harmonic tension, think could be considered the vertex of the album. The vocal plots of "Life is Change", supported by a brilliant rhythm, are also very well done. To follow comes the acoustic interlude of "West Texas" then the album closes with the nervous "Plague", a song that most classic prog enthusiasts will love. All to be enjoyed.

The wait has been long but all the premises have been respected and TOEs are currently in pretty good shape, with a third album already in progress. Welcome back! GB

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