Rock Impressions T


T Psychoanorexia   Prog
T Fragmentropy new Prog
T Epistrophobia new Prog
Taal Mister Green   Prog
Taal Skymind   Prog
Taboo Voodoo Something's Cookin'   Fusion
Tabor Ty Safety   Rock
Tabor Ty Rock Garden   Rock
Tactusrosa Beatles & Pink Floyd Oltre il Già Noto   Rock
Tagliaferro Paola Fabulae new World Music
Takara Invitation to Forever   AOR
Take 4 Personal Miracle   Jazz
Taliesin Orchestra A Tribute to the Hits of Enya   Neo Classica
Talisma Chromium   Prog
Talisman Five Men Live   Hard Rock
Tangent The Music That Died Alone   Prog
Tangent The World That We Drive Trough   Prog
Tangent Pyramids & Stars   Prog
Tangent A Place in the Queue   Prog
Tangent Going Off On One   Prog
Tangent Not As Good As The Book   Prog
Tangent Comm   Prog
Tangent Le Sacre du Travail   Prog
Taproban Ogni Pensiero Vola   Prog
Taproban Outside Nowhere   Prog
Taproban Posidonian Fields   Prog
Taproban Strigma   Prog
Tarot Crows Fly Back   Heavy Metal
Tartamella Django's Clan La Strada del Tabacco   Gypsy Jazz
Tate Geoff Kings & Thieves   Heavy Metal
Taylor Robin Isle Of Black   Prog
Tazebao Opium Populi new Prog
TCP The Way   Prog
T.E.R. Pictures From the War   Extreme Metal
Tea For Two Twisted   Prog
Tea Party Seven Circles   Hard Rock
Tea Party The Ocean at the End new Hard Rock
Tears of Anger In the Shadows   Heavy Metal
Tears of Othila Tears of Othila   Neo Folk
Tears of Othila Way to Traditions   Neo Folk
Technology Vs Horse Bearula: the Bear Dracula   Prog
Tempano Childhood's End   Prog
Tempano The Agony and the Ecstasy   Prog
Tempest The Double Cross   Folk Rock
Tempesta Rivoglio il Mio Futuro   Heavy Metal
Tempio Delle Clessidre, Il Il Tempio delle Clessidre   Prog
Tempio Delle Clessidre, Il Alienatura   Prog
Tempio Delle Clessidre, Il Live in Seoul new Prog
Tempus Fugit Chessboard   Prog
Ten The Essential Collection   Hard Rock
Ten Return to Evermore   Hard Rock
Ten The Twilight Chronicles   Hard Rock
Ten Jinn As on a Darkling Plain   Prog
Ten Midnight Ten Midnight   Prog
Ten Midnight Run   Prog
Ten Midnight The City of Angels   Prog
Tenax Tenax new Hard Rock
Tenebrae Memorie Nascoste   Art Rock
Tenhi Vare   Folk Rock
Tenhi Maaaet   Folk Rock
Tenhi Airut:Aamujen   Folk Rock
Teodor Tuff Soliloquy   Heavy Metal
Teoria Delle Finestre Rotte Teoria Delle Finestre Rotte new Gothic
Terra Nova Escape   AOR
Terra Nova Best Of + 5   AOR
Terra Nova Come Alive   AOR
Terrana Mike Shadows of the Past   Fusion
Terre Differenti Cities of Dreams   World Fusion
Teruís Symphonia The Gate   Prog Metal
Teru's Symphonia Clockworked Earth   Prog Metal
Terzobinario La Prima Volta   Rock
Tesla Into the Now   Hard Rock
Tesla Forever More   Hard Rock
Tessmarka Tessmarka   Punk
Testa Stefano Andrea il Traditore new Prog
Tetra Punk Panta Rei new Punk
Thanatoschizo Zoom Code   Death Metal
Thaykhay Tan Cerca del Sol   Prog Metal
The D Alf new Garage
The D United States of Mind new Indie Rock
The Fire Still Burns Good As New   Punk
The Heart and The Void Like a Dancer   Folk Rock
The Moon and the Nightspirit Rego Rejtem   Ethereal Folk
The Moon and the Nightspirit Osforras   Ethereal Folk
The Moon and the Nightspirit Mohalepte   Ethereal Folk
The Secret Meeting Ultrashiver   Gothic
Them Philosophy Tought Before Action   Nu Metal
Theocracy Mirror of Souls   Heavy Metal
Theodor Bastard Oikoumene new Neo Folk
Theodor Bastard Vetvi new Neo Folk
There For Tomorrow There For Tomorrow   EMO
Therion Gothic Kabbalah   Heavy Metal
Theta Seeds of the Dream   Prog
Thieves' Kitken The Water Road   Prog
Thirteen of Everything Welcome Humans   Prog
Thirteen of Everything Our Own Sad Fate new Prog
This Misery Garden Another Great Day On Earth   Prog Metal
Thomas Hand Chaste Uno Nessuno Centomila   Dark Rock
Thompson Chris One Night in the Cold Hard Rock
Thompson Michael M.T. Speaks   Virtuoso
Thompson Michael Band How Long   AOR
Thompson Michael Band High Times new AOR
Thorne Steve Emotional Creatures Part One   Prog
Thorne Steve Emotional Creatures Part Two   Prog
Thought Chamber Psycherion   Prog Metal
Three The End is Begun   Prog
Three Revisions   Prog
Three Live at Bearsville Theater 2009   Prog
Three The Ghost You Gave Me   Prog
Three Man Army 3   Hard Rock
Three Monks Neogothic Progressive Toccatas   Dark Prog
Three Monks The Legend of the Holy Circle   Dark Prog
Threshold Dead Reckoning   Prog Metal
Threshold The Ravages of Time   Prog Metal
Thunder The Magnificent Seventh!   Hard Rock
Thunder Robert Johnson's Tombstone   Hard Rock
Thunder Godzilla Thunder Godzilla new Stoner
Thunderproject Vol.I new Heavy Metal
Thunderstone Dirt Metal   Heavy Metal
Thunderstorm As We Die Alone   Doom
Thunderstorm Nero Enigma   Doom
Tiemko ça Tourne   Prog
Tierra Santa Rumbo a las Estrellas (dvd)   Heavy Metal
Tikal Demo 2005   Prog Metal
Tiles Tiles / Presents of Mind   Prog Metal
Tiles Dressing Windows   Prog Metal
Tiles Fly Paper   Prog Metal
Tilion A.M.I.G.D.A.L.A.   Prog
Time Of Orchids Namesake Caution   Avantgarde
Tinyfish One Night on Fire   Prog
Tippi Tippi   Rock
Tired Tree Changing Sides   New Prog
Tiresia Raptus Tiresia Raptus   Doom
Tishamingo Wear n' Tear   Southern
Titus Tommy Gunn La Peneratica Svavolya   Heavy Metal
Tnne The Clock That Went Backwards new Prog
Tnne Wonderland new Prog
To Elysium Nightmare's Nest   Gothic Metal
To-Mera Demo 2005   Prog Metal
Toc Loss Angeles   Prog Metal
Todesbonden Sleep Now, Quiet Forest   Neo Folk
Tohpati Bertiga Riot   Jazz Rock
Tohpati Ethnomission Save the Planet   Jazz Rock
Toja Train of Life   Hard Rock
Tom Moto Junk   Jazz Rock
Tom Moto Allob Allen new RIO
Tommi Always   Rock
Tomorrow's Eve Tales From Serpentia   Prog Metal
ToMyDeepestEgo Chronophagia   Post Rock
Tony Tears Voci dal Passato   Dark Rock
Tony Tears Music From the Astral Worlds (2000-2014) new Dark Rock
Torpedo Terrastation   Drum 'n' Bass
Torre Dell'Alchimista, La La Torre Dell'Alchimista   Prog
Torre Dell'Alchimista, La USA... You Know?   Prog
Torre Dell'Alchimista, La Neo   Prog
Toto Falling in Betwrrn   AOR
Toto Bottom of Your Soul   AOR
Toxic Smile 7   Prog Metal
Toxic Smile Farewell new Prog Metal
Trail of Tears Profundemonium   Gothic Metal
Trail of Tears A New Dimension of Might   Gothic Metal
Transatlantic Bridge Across Forever   Prog
Transatlantic Live in Europe   Prog
Transatlantic More Never is Enough   Prog
Transit Decent Man on a Desperate Moon   Alternative
Transport Aerian Bleeding   Dark Rock
Traumhaus Das Geheimnis   Prog
Traumhaus Ausgeliefert & Die Andere Seite new Prog
Travellers A Journey Into the Sun Within   Prog Rock
Travers Pat P.T. Power Trio 2   Rock Blues
Travis & Fripp Live at the Coventry Cathedral   Sperimentale
Treatment, the Running With the Dogs new Hard Rock
Trees Walking Trees   Gothic
Trespass In Haze of Time   Prog
Trettioariga Kriget I Borjan Och Slutet   Prog
Trick Or Treat Evil Needs Candy Too   Heavy Metal
Trick Or Treat Tin Soldiers   Heavy Metal
Trio 96 Quartet '99 / Duo '03   Prog
Trio Marrano Altri Tempi   Jazz
Triobrio Deluxe Tre Tigri Contro Triobrio   Rock Italiano
Triplet A Fight For Your Heart   Punk Rock
Triskell Never Explain   Gothic Metal
Trist Willenskraft   Funeral Doom
Tristania Illumination   Gothic Metal
Tristesse De La Lune A Heart Whose Love is Innocent   Gothic
Triumph Greatest Hits Remixed   Hard Rock
Triumvirat Old Loves Die Hard   Prog
Trixter New Audio Machine   Hard Rock
Trouble Live in Stockholm   Heavy Metal
Trout Walter Deep Trout   Rock Blues
Trucker Diablo The Devil Rhythm   Heavy Metal
TRW Rivers of Paradise   AOR
Tsuboy Akihisa - Kido Natsuki duo Era   Prog 
Tsukinoumi Silve Redyc Chowder   Prog
Tubo Elastico, El El Tubo Elastico new Prog
Tugs Europa Minor   Prog
Tulipe Noire Faded Leaves   New Prog
Tumulus Seraphim Centenarians Divine Lunacy   Ambient Goth
Tunatons ¡Tunas!   Rockabilly
Tunatons Vulcano A new Exotic Rockabilly Adventure!   Rockabilly
Turgon Bruce Outside Looking In   Hard Rock
Turner Joe Lynn The Usual Suspects   Hard Rock
Turner Martin Written in the Stars new Hard Rock
Turner Martin New Live Dates new Hard Rock
Turner Martin Life Begins new Hard Rock
Twin Age Moving the Deckchairs   Prog
Twinspirits The Music That Will Heal the World   Prog Metal
Twisted Sister A Twisted Christmas   Heavy Metal
Two Fates Tree new Avant Pop
Two Of A Kind Two of a Kind   AOR
Tygers of Pan Tang Noises From the Cathouse new Heavy Metal
Tygers of Pan Tang Back & Beyond   Heavy Metal
Tygers of Pan Tang Animal Instinct   Heavy Metal
Tygers of Pan Tang The Wild Cat Sessions   Heavy Metal
Tygers of Pan Tang The Spellbound Sessions   Heavy Metal
Tygers of Pan Tang Ambush   Heavy Metal
Tyketto Dig in Deep   Hard Rock
Tyske Ludder Sojos   Gothic EBM
Tystnaden Sham of Perfection   Gothic Metal

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