Rock Impressions

by Giancarlo Bolther

The first thing i thought while listening to BU is that this album seems to be more guitar oriented than keys oriented, have you got a similar feeling?
That seems to be the general feeling. I made a decision to put my musical taste before showcasing my instrument. Because of this, I have made an album that more people can appreciate than just keyboard fans.

The cover of the album is very dark (more than the music is), what does it mean and why you choose it?
I think the world has become a darker place in the last 2 years. The music and cover reflects that.

How much time did you take to realize your latest album?
Black utopia took one year to write and record.

Would you like to tell us about the new songs?
I collaborated with a guy named Brian Tichy. He is a drummer/guitarist, and was a great help to me in the writing process.

Which are the differences between your two solo albums?
Black Utopia is darker and heavier than Inertia.

The one that have surprised me most was Al DiMeola, a true icon of guitar world, but very distant from heavy rock scene, can you tell me more about the artistic meeting with this monster?
I was a huge DiMeola fan when i was 15-16 years old. I always loved his solo CDs, so to produce him was awesome!

I've liked a lot also the duets (duels?) in "Axis of Evil" between Zakk and Malmsteen, can you tell me more?
I wanted to show the contrast of Yngwie's european style and Zakk's american style back to back, both shredding at high velocity with their own style.

You have replaced Kevin Moore into Dream Theater, what do you remember about this period, and which were your emotions?
There was a lot of pressure for me to learn those songs in such a short time.

Why did you leave the band, which is your point of view about that?
It was their decision, but they did me the greatest favor in the world. I now am playing with the best musicians in the world.

What is going on in this period with Planet X?
Planet X will release a new studio CD next year.

And with Platypus?
That is long over.

In these years there is still place for keyboardists, which are the ones (past and present) that you would like to mention and why?
I think that besides Jens Johannson and myself, all other keyboardists sound like video games.

What is the greatest challenge for your future?
To always try to make a better CD than my last one.


Interview 2004 (only italian)

Review (in italian): Black Utopia; Mythology; Blood of the Snake; Molecular Heinosity

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