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INTERVIEW WITH ARENA (italian version)
by Giancarlo Bolther

Before recording "Immortal?" you changed your line-up once again; how much influence did this have on your morale and on the realisation of the new record?
It was a tough year! It's never an easy thing for a band to have line up changes, particularly two in such close proximity. Nevertheless, that didn't stifle the spirit of Arena, which I have always believed to be stronger than any one individual. It did change the writing team, which became me, Mick and John. However, I found this team to be an excellent combination. Our writing sessions were extremely productive.. The music just flowed.

What does this new record mean for you?
It means a continuation for Arena on the same path we set out on five years ago.

What is your idea of immortality?
We're not ready for it.

What are the religious, philosophical and scientific meanings that you would give to immortality?
Well, man has been trying to achieve immortality through these means. Be it, to become a God, or to be kept alive by science, or by his legacy in art. Some of these attempts are most certainly flawed, I would think.

Would you like to become an immortal band?
How could I say 'no'. to whom do we speak?

Do you believe that the future will be as dark as you have portrayed it in your new artwork?
Yes, in some ways, I do. Unless we wake up now!! Unfortunately 'Human Arrogance' will prevent that.

What can you tell us about your experience with Pendragon?
I have Pendragon to thank for giving me the profile to pursue all the other things I have done. I enjoy working with the guys.. It's a family.

You are a very busy man! Can you tell me about your many projects outside Arena?
Well, Pendragon obviously. we shall be recording a new album this year. I'm working on the production of an album for American singer Michelle Young: We should be recording that later this year. There are some album releases this month with I played on (Ayreon 'The Dream Sequencer' and 'Flight of the Migrator', as well as Nightingale 'I'). We are attempting to get Shadowland together at the end of the year for some concerts. We intend to make a live album. I'm working with Oliver Wakeman on a follow up to The Jabberwocky album. It will be called 'Hound of the Baskervilles'. I am collecting together material for a 'Nolan Archives' album, to be released next year.

Don't you find to be hard to handle so many different projects? Does spreading yourself so thin take away energy from each project?
It doesn't work like that. I feed off the fact that I do many different things. Each one inspires me for the other. I do music full time. I choose to make the time for this. Some people go to the pub, or go skiing. I do this.

In your sound I sense the influence of Pendragon and Pink Floyd, how much do these bands inspire you?
I'm sure there are always influences present in the music. I'm no more aware of those than any other bands or artists.

Which bands do you like to listen to?
Well, to be honest, I don't tend to listen to a lot of progressive rock. I love film music (Danny Elfin, for example), Frank Sinatra, Classical music (Elgar, Bartok, and Shostakovich). I'm listening to the best of Duran Duran at the moment. I do still listen to Genesis and Pink Floyd.

What do you think about the new prog rock scene and how do you see yourselves fitting into it?
There's a lot of it out there. We don't really try and fit in. we just do what feels right for us.

What does it mean for you to play progressive music?
Well, I love what I do. It is a style which allows me to communicate with people.

Will you be doing any concerts in Italy?
We certainly intend to be coming to Italy in the European tour in September/October. Come and see us!!


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