Rock Impressions

Le recensioni di ROCK NOT ROLL contengono musica ispirata al divino, principalmente si tratta di rock "cristiano",
ma ci sono anche dischi di musica fortemente spirituale non legata necessariamente al cristianesimo.

12 Stones 12 Stones   Nu Metal
Agony Scene, The The Agony Scene   Metal Core 
Ajalon This Good Place   Prog
Akacia An Other Life   Prog
Akacia The Brass Serpent   Prog
Akacia This Fading Time   Prog
Altri Percorsi Storie Vissute   Hard Rock
Anberlin Blueprints For the Black Market   Emo Core
Ancient Prophecy Days of Doom   Gothic Metal
As I Lay Dying Frail Words Collapse   Metal Core 
Audiovision The Calling   Prog Metal
August Burns Red Constellations   Metalcore
Belica For All   Hard Rock
Beloved Failure On   Emo Core
Blindside Silence   Nu Metal
Bloodgood Dangerously Close   Hard Rock
Boanerges Founded Upon the Rock   Heavy Metal
Boarders The World Hate Me   Heavy Metal
Buonikonsigli Racconti ... Raccolti   Prog - Pop
Chained Shattered Minds   Heavy Metal
Chevelle Wonder What's Next   Nu Metal
Crimson Moonlight The Covenant Progress   Black Metal
Crimson Moonlight Glorification Of The Master Of Light   Black Metal
Dbeality Dbeality   Doom
Dead Poetic New Medicines   Emo Core
Demon Hunter Demon Hunter   Metal Core
Demoniciduth/Sabbatariam Split cd   Black Metal
East West Hope in Anguish   Nu Metal
Evanescence Fallen   Gothic Metal
Extol Synergy   Death Metal
Finardi Eugenio Il Silenzio & Lo Spirito   Rock
Finite Beings, the A Life to Come new Heavy Rock
Fire Fly Breathe   Prog Metal
Frost Like Ashes Pure As The Blood Covered Snow   Death Metal
Further Seems Forever How to Start a Fire   Hard Core
Glenn Kaiser Band Live   Rock Blues
Gor Qumran   Medioeval
Hughes Glenn A Soulful Christmas   Jazz
Hughes Glenn Music for the Divine   Hard Rock
Iervolino Mimmo Attimi di Cielo   Pop Italiano
Irfan Irfan   Ethno Goth
Irfan Seraphim   Ethno Goth
Irfan The Eternal Return new Ethno Goth
Janua Coeli X Uno Come Me   Rock
Janua Coeli Dio Scende Nella Miseria   Rock
Janua Coeli Stupisco   Rock
Kreyson Ztrácím   Heavy Metal
Krisalide Krisalide   Hard Rock
Lament Breathless   Death Metal
Latte E Miele Passio Secundum Mattheum new Prog
Leper And Everybody Died   Gothic
Living Sacrifice Living Sacrifice   Hard Core
Mad Max Night of White Rock   Hard Rock
Mad Max In White   Acoustic
Mad Max White Sands   Hard Rock
Mammuth Die To Rise In Spring   Nu Metal
Manenti Tiziana Azzurra   Pop
Metatrone The Powerful Hand   Heavy Metal
Metatrone Paradigma   Heavy Metal
Minorock Live   Melodic Rock
Morse Neal It's Not Too Late   Rock
Morse Neal Testimony   Prog
Morse Neal Testimony Live   Prog
Morse Neal One   Prog
Morse Neal ?   Prog
Morse Neal Sola Scriptura   Prog
Morse Neal ? Live   Prog
Morse Neal Sola Scriptura & Beyond   Prog
Morse Neal Lifeline   Prog
Morse Neal So Many Roads   Prog
Morse Neal Testimony 2 Live   Prog
Morse Neal Momentum   Prog
No Longer Music Live in Minneapolis new Alternative Metal
Nuova Civiltà Uno Nessuno Centomila   Rock italiano
Nuova Civiltà Dietro L'Angolo   Rock italiano
Nuova Civiltà Io Vivo In Noi   Rock Italiano
Nuova Civiltà Occorre Coraggio   Rock Italiano
Nuova Civiltà Dentro la Storia new Rock Italiano
Opposition Of One I Try to Understand This    Metal Core
Pantokrator Blood   Black Metal
Patti Perfetti Patti Perfetti   Gothic Rock
Paradox Overcome or Burn Forever in Hell   Black Metal
Paulicelli Michele Ora et Labora   Pop Italiano
Proto-Kaw Before Became After   Prog
Proto-Kaw The Wait of Glory   Prog
Roth Uli Jon Metamorphosis   Sinphonic Rock
Sacrificium Cold Black Piece of Flesh   Death Metal
Saviour Machine Legend III:I   Prog Metal
Soul Embraced Immune   Metal Core
Steelwind The KH Project   AOR
Stretch Arm Strong Engage   Metal Core
Sunroad Arena of Aliens + Flying n' Floating   Heavy Metal
Sunroad Long Gone   Heavy Metal
Supernal Endgame Touch the Sky vol.1   Prog
Theocracy Mirror of Souls   Heavy Metal
Triplet A Fight For Your Heart   Punk Rock
V-Rats Intelligent Design   Heavy Metal
Verra Cruz Emancipation Day   Heavy Blues
Xploya Just a Dream   Hard Rock
Zao All Else Failed   Hard Core
Autori Vari Power From the Sky   Heavy Metal
Autori Vari Metal Mission - Brasilian Compilation v.2   Heavy Metal
Autori Vari Screams of Abandon   Death Metal
Autori Vari Don Bosco il Musical   Musical

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