Rock Impressions G


G3 Live in Tokyo   Virtuoso
Gackt Diabolos   Japanese Rock
Gae Bolg Aucassin et Nicolette   Gothic
Gae Bolg Requiem   Gothic
Gaia Epicus Symphony of Glory   Heavy Metal
Galahad Storyteller's Dance   Medieval
Galaverna Dods Dans new Folk Prog
Gales Eric That's What I Am   Rock Blues
Gales Eric Crystal Vision   Rock Blues
Gales Eric Middle of the Road new Rock Blues
Galleon Engines of Creation   Prog
Galli Gianluca Back Home   Virtuoso
Galli Gianluca Evolution Revolution   Virtuoso
Galli Jacopo Timedrops   Prog Metal
Galloping Coroners Dancing With the Sun   Prog
Gamma 4   Hard Rock
Gamma Ray Land Of The Free II   Heavy Metal
Gamma Ray Hell Yeah!!! The Avesome Foursome   Heavy Metal
Gamma Ray Empire of the Undead new Heavy Metal
Gap Party Additives   Prog
Garden Of Delight Ceremony   Gothic
Garden Of Delight Apocryphal I: The Fallen   Gothic
Gargamel Watch for the Umbles   Prog
Gargamel Descending   Prog
Garybaldi Nuda   Prog
Garybaldi Storie di un'Altra Città new Prog
Gaskill Jerry Come Somewhere   Rock
Garamond Quant'Altro   Prog
Garden Wall Assurdo   Prog
Gazpacho Night   Prog
Gazpacho March of the Ghosts   Prog
Gazpacho Demon new Prog
Gazpacho Molok new Prog
Gecko's Tear Contradiction   Prog Metal
Gekko Projekt Electric Forest   Prog
General Stratocuster General Stratocuster and the Marshalls   Hard Rock
General Stratocuster Double Trouble new Hard Rock
Genesis For Two G. Vol.2   Prog
Gens De La Lune Alors Joue! new Prog
Gentleman's Pistols Gentleman's Pistols   Hard Rock
George Robin History new Hard Rock
George Robin Dangerous Music   AOR
George Robin and Vix You   AOR
Gerard The Ruins of a Glass Fortress   Prog
Gerard Sighs of the Water   Prog
Gerard Power of Infinity   Prog
Germinale E il Suo Respiro Ancora Agita le Onde   Prog
Geyers Lasterzungen   Medieval
Ghost Fish Ghost Fish   Gothic
Ghouls 'n Ghosts Delete   Nu Metal
Gian Castello Merlino L'Incantatore   Folk Celtico
Gian Castello Taliesin   Folk Celtico
Gian Castello I Regni Segreti   Folk Celtico
Gian Castello Rama, il Druido Primordiale   Folk Celtico
Gian Vigo Declino di Transizione   Psichedelic
Gianni Alberti Quartet When You're Smiling   Jazz
Giannotti Stefano Amore Mio new Acoustic
Giant the Vine Music For Empty Places new Prog
Gibonni 20th Century Man   Rock
Giganti Terra in Bocca   Prog
Gilbert Paul Burning Organ   Virtuoso
Gilbert P. & Jimi Kidd Raw Blues Power   Rock Blues
Gill Michael Blues For Lazarus   Prog
Gioomarabika Identità   Rock Italiano
Giorgio Antonio Golden Metal new Power Metal
Girlschool Legacy   Heavy Metal
Girugamesh Girugamesh   Japanese Rock
Giubbonsky Storie di Non Lavoro   Folk Rock
Gjallarhorn Nordheim   Folk Metal
G.L.A.S. 18   Hard Rock
Glad Tree Onda Luminosa new Prog
Glareshift Second Mirror new Prog
Glass No Stranger to the Skyes   Prog
Glass Illuminations   Prog
Glass Allan Magikarp new Alternative
Gleemen Oltre... Lontano, Lontano new Prog
Glenn Kaiser Band Live   Rock Blues
Glyder Yesterday Today and Tomorrow   Hard Rock
Go Koala Electric Skulls Radio new Electronic Pop
Goad The Silent Moonchild new Prog
Goddass My Beautiful Sin   Heavy Metal
God of the Basement God of the Basement new Rock
Godwatt Redemption The Hard Ride of Mr Slumber   Doom
Gonzalo Labors new Folk Rock
Good Wines Just a Little Shaboo   Hard Rock
Good Wines Dirty Enoguh?   Hard Rock
Gor Ialdabaoth   Medioeval
Gor Qumran   World Music
Gor Croisades - The Medioeval Project   Medioeval
Gosta Berlings Saga Tid Ar Ljud   Prog
Gosta Berlings Saga Detta Har Hant   Prog
Gotha Italian Thrash Assault   Thrash Metal
Gothic Sex Rarities   Gothic Metal
Gothic Stone Haereticus Empyreum new Dark Metal
Gothica Gothica   Gothic
Gothica The Cliff of Suicide   Gothic
Gothminister Gothic Electronic Anthems   Gothic
Goto Tadashi Soundscape   Prog
Goto Tadashi Innervisions   Virtuoso
Gotthard Lipservice   Hard Rock
Gotthard Domino Effect   Hard Rock
Gotthard Bang new Hard Rock
Gotto Esplosivo L'Oro del Diavolo   Nu Metal
GPS Window to the Soul   Pomp Rock
Graal Realm of Fantasy   Hard Rock
Graal Tales Untold   Hard Rock
Gracious !   Prog
Gran Turismo Veloce Di Carne di Anima new Prog
Grand Trick The Decadent Session   Hard Rock
Grave Digger Rheingold   Heavy Metal
Grave Digger Yesterday   Heavy Metal
Grave Digger Liberty or Death   Heavy Metal
Graveyard Graveyard   Hard Rock
Graviators, the The Graviators   Doom
Gray Matters Live in Concert new Rock
Grayscale When the Ghosts Are Gone   Gothic Metal
Graves Of Nosgoth Ex Tenebris Ad Lucem   Heavy Metal
Great White Back to the Rhythm   Hard Rock
Green Of Love and Soul   Hard Rock
Green Dollar Colour Green Dollar Colour   Hard Rock
Greenhouse Effect Al Mio Risveglio   Post Rock
Greenhouse Effect + Monti José Ho Sognato d'Essere Vivo   Post Rock
Greenhouze Greenhouze   AOR
Greenslade Greenslade   Prog
Greenwall From the Treasure Box   Prog
Greenwall Zappa Zippa Zuppa Zeppa new Prog
Greenwall The Green Side of the Moon new Prog
Gremo Fabio Don't Be Scared of Trying new Rock
Grendel Soilbleed   EBM
Greylevel Hypostatic Union   Prog
Greyswan Thought Tormented Minds   Gothic Metal
Grinning Shadows Elegy in Blood   Gothic Metal
Grontved Steen Night Vision Goggles   Virtuoso
Ground Control Insanity   Thrash Metal
Gryphon Red Queen... + Raindance   Medieval Prog
Guapo Elixirs   Prog
Gudars Skymning Morka Vatten   Hard Rock
Guitar Ray and the Gamblers Photograoh new Rock Blues
Gunhill Nighthead + One Over the Eight new Hard Rock
Gunn Trey Untone the Sky   Prog
Gurvitz Paul Rated PG   Rock
Guster Ganging Up On the Sun   Rock
Gypsy Rose Gypsy Rose   Hard Rock

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