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Waite John Downtown Journey of a Heart   AOR
Wakeman Rick Out Of the Blue   Prog
Waldsonne Wanderer   Neo Folk
Walls Of Babylon The Dark Embrace new Prog Metal
Walrus In the Room of... / Colloidal   Prog
Wappa Gappa Gappa   Prog
Warpig Warpig   Hard Rock
Watch, the Timeless   Prog
Waterclime The Astral Factor   Hard Rock
Way Darryl Myths, Legends and Tales new Prog
Waysted The Harsh Reality   Heavy Metal
Wazz' Up Trio Va Libero Per Le Colline   Jazz
We Insist! Oh! Things Are So Corruptible   Indie Rock All Broken Ambrosia   Emo Core
Weiner Dave Shove the Sun Aside   Virtuoso
Weiss Adrian Easy Game new Prog Metal
Welten Brand In Gottes Oder des Teufels Namen   Gothic
Wendy?! Notebook new Rock
Wendy?! Idols & Gods new Rock
Wesley John Disconnect new Prog
West Andy Rama 1   Prog
Wetton Downes Icon   Acustic Rock
Wetton Downes Icon Live   Pomp Rock
Wetton Downes Icon II   Pomp Rock
Wetton John Rock of Faith   Pomp
Wetton John Live Via Satellite new Acustic Rock
Wetton John Live Official Bootleg new Rock
Wheels of Fire Up For Anything   Hard Rock
Whenlovefinishes Destruction Technique of an ...   Extreme Metal
Where the Sun Comes Down Welcome new Dark Rock
White Lightning As Midnight Approaches + Paradise... At a Price   Heavy Rock
White Skull The XIII Skull   Heavy Metal
White Stripes Elephant   Rock
Whitesnake Good to Be Bad   Hard Rock
Who Live at the Royal Albert Hall   Rock
Who Amazing Journey   Rock
Wicked Minds From the Purple Skies   Dark Rock
Wicked Minds Visioni, Deliri e Illusioni   Prog
Widespread Panic Ball   Southern Rock
Wig Wam Wall Street   Glam
Wild Frontier 2012   Hard Rock
Willow Perdita del Tempo   Hard Rock
Wilson John River of Love   Rock
Wilson Ray Live and Acustic   Rock
Wilson Ray Change   Rock
Wilson Ray The Next Best Thing   Rock
Wilson Ray Live   Rock
Wilson Steven Insurgentes (dvd)   Prog
Wilson Steven Grace For Drowning   Prog
Wilson Steven The Raven That Refused to Sing   Prog
Wilson Steven Hand Cannot Erase new Prog
Wilson Steven 4 1/2 new Prog
Wilson Steven To the Bone new Rock
Winds The Imaginary Direction of Time   Prog Metal
Windshades Crucified Dreams new Gothic Metal
Wine Spirit Three of a Kind   Hard Rock
Winger IV   Hard Rock
Winger Kip From the Moon to the Sun   AOR
Wingfield Mark Proof of Light new Jazz
Wingfield Reuter Stavi Sirkis The Stone House new Jazz
Winter Edgar Jazzin' the Blues

Rock Blues
Winter of Life Mother Madness   Prog Metal
Winterlong Winterlong   Heavy Metal
Winterlong Metal / Technology   Heavy Metal
Wintersbane Redivivus   Heavy Metal
Wishbone Ash Blue Horizons new Rock
Wit Matrix Another Side of the Wall   Psichedelic
Witche's Brew Supersonic Speedfreaks   Heavy Blues
Witchfield Sleepless   Dark Rock
Witchfield Sabbatai Zevi new Dark Rock
Without Face Astronomicon   Prog Metal
Without Warning Believe   Prog Metal 
Wive Pvll new Glitch
Wolfsheim Casting Shadows   Gothic
Wolters Joop Workshop   Virtuoso 
Wolters Joop Speed, Traffic and Guitar Accidents   Virtuoso
Wolverine Still   Prog Metal
Wonkies, the Colazione All'Inglese   Rock
Wood Ronnie Not For Beginners   Rock 
Work Of Art Artwork   AOR
Wounded Atlantic   Gothic Metal
Wraiths, the The Tragical Tale Of Wednesday The Ectoplasm   Horror Punk
Writing on the Wall The Power of the Picts   Hard Rock
Wrong Object, the Stories From the Shed   Prog
Wurtemberg Rock Fantasia Opus 9   Medioeval 
Wylie Daniel Ramshackle Beauty   British Pop
Wylie Daniel Postcards   British Pop

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