Rock Impressions F


F.E.A.S.T. Strong, Wild and Free   Hard Rock
F.H.C. Triangulate   Prog
F5 The Reckoning   Heavy Metal
Fab Box Music From the Fab Box   AOR
Fab Box 2 new AOR
Fabbrica dell'Assoluto, La 1984 L'Ultimo Uomo d'Europa new Prog
Fabius Project, the Vol.1 & Vol.2   Virtuoso
Facciascura Stile di Vita   Stoner
Factory of Dreams Poles   Prog
Factory of Dreams A Strange Utopia   Prog
Fair Warning Fair Warning   AOR
Fair Warning Rainmaker   AOR
Fair Warning Brother's Keeper   AOR
Fairytale Live in Concert   Prog Metal
Faith Blessed?   Doom
Fake Problems It's Great to Be Alive   Indie Rock
Fallen Arise Adeline new Symphonic Metal
Fantasmagoria Energetic Live Demo   Prog
Far Corner Far Corner   Prog
Faranna Marcello Abbaddarò new Cantautore
Fareri Francesco Suspension   Virtuoso
Fareri Francesco Forbidden Dimension   Virtuoso
Farlowe Chris Hungary for the Blues   Rock Blues
Faro Dawn of Forever   AOR
Farpoint From Dreaming to Dreaming   Pomp
Farsot IIII   Black Metal
Fartherpaint Lose Control   Prog Metal
Fata La Percezione del Nero   Electro Pop
Fatal Destiny Palindromia new Prog Metal
Fatal Fusion The Ancient Tale   Prog
Fate Scratch'n Sniff   Hard Rock
Fates Warning FWX   Prog Metal
Faun Renaissance   Medieval
Faun Totem   Medieval
Fauno di Marmo, Il Canti, Racconti e Battaglie   Prog
Fear Of Fours Never Heaven   Prog Metal
Feat. Esserelà Tuorl new Jazz Rock
Fedriga Roberto Roberto Fedriga new Cantautore
Feindflug Volk Und Armee   Industrial EBM
Felony First Works   Prog Metal
Fen Trails Out of Gloom   Prog
Fergusson Alex The Essence   Gothic
Feronia Anima Era new Prog Metal
Ferrara Dante Bazimakoo   Medieval
Ferrazzo Francesco Goccia Dopo Goccia   Cantautore
Ferrigno Leal Kuprij Promised Land   Prog Metal
Ferrigno Marco Hanging Gardens   Virtuoso
Fiaba Lo Sgabello del Rospo   Prog Metal
Fiaba I Racconti del Giullare Cantore   Prog Metal
Fibonacci Sequence Numerology   Prog
Ficcion Sobre el Abismo   Prog
Ficcion Sobre la Cresta de la Ola   Prog
Fields Of The Nephilim One More Nightmare    Gothic
Fields Of The Nephilim Mourning Sun   Gothic
Fieno, Il I Bambini Crescono   Rock
Fifth Season, The Stronger, Perfect   Prog Metal
Figlia dell'Incendiario, La La Figlia dell'Incendiario   Alternative Rock
Filoritmia Passaggi   Prog
Final Conflict Another Moment in Time   New Prog
Final Conflict Hindsight   New Prog
Final Frontier High Tension Wire   Melodic Rock
Finardi Eugenio Il Silenzio & Lo Spirito   Rock
Finite Beings, the A Life to Come new Heavy Rock
Fiorenza Dino It's Important   Virtuoso
Fiorletta Simone Parallel Words   Virtuoso
Fiorletta Simone My Secret Diary   Virtuoso
Fire Fly Breathe   Prog Metal
Fire Trails Third Moon   Hard Rock
Firebird No.3   Hard Rock
Firewind Immortals new Heavy Metal
First Band From Outer Space We’re Only in it for the Spacerock   Space Rock
First Band From Outer Space Impressionable Sounds of the Subsonic   Space Rock
First Band From Outer Space The Guitar is Mightier Than the Gun   Space Rock
Fish Fields of Crows   Rock
Fist of Rage Interations to Reality   Heavy Metal
Flagship Maiden Voyage   Prog
Flamborough Head Defining the Legacy   Prog
Flamborough Head One For the Crow   Prog
Flamborough Head Tales of Imperfection   Prog
Flaming Row Mirage - A Portrayal of Figures new Prog Metal
Flashback of Anger Splinters of Life   Prog Metal
Flat 122 The Waves   Prog
Fleur Magic   Gothic
Fleur Siyanie   Gothic
Flogging Molly Drunken Lullabies   Folk Rock
Floodland Ocean of the Lost   Gothic
Flora Traettoria di Volano   Jazz Rock
Flower Flesh Duck in the Box   Prog
Flower Kings Fan Club CD 2000   Prog
Flower Kings Space Revolvers   Prog
Flower Kings The Rainmaker   Prog
Flower Kings Scanning the Greenhouse   Prog
Flower Kings Unfold the Future   Prog
Flower Kings Meet the Flower Kings (DVD)   Prog
Flower Kings Adam & Eve   Prog
Flower Kings Paradox Hotel   Prog
Flower Kings Live in New York - Official Bootleg   Prog
Flower Kings Istant Delivery   Prog
Flower Kings The Road Back Home   Prog
Flower Kings The Sum of No Evil   Prog
Flower Kings Desolation Rose   Prog
Fluid Sol Fluid Sol   Hard Rock
Fly Fingers Duo Spleen   Jazz
Focus 8   Prog
Focus 8.5 Beyond the Orizon new Prog
Focus Indulgens The Past   Doom
Focus Indulgens Hic Sunt Leones   Doom
Fog Emerson Lake & Palmer Tribute   Prog
Foghat Not Live at the BBC   Hard Rock
Folkstone Briganti di Montagna   Folk Metal
Folkstone Damnati ad Metalla   Folk Metal
Following Friday Following Friday   Punk
Following Friday Outside the Fence   Punk
Fonderia Re >> Enter   Prog
Fonokit Amore o Purgatorio   Indie Rock
Fools' Moon Beyond the Sky   Heavy Rock
For Absent Friend Square 1   Prog
Foreign Resort, the New Frontiers new New Wave
Forest Of Shadows Departure   Dark Rock
Forever Slave Alice's Inferno   Gothic Metal
Forgas Patrick Synchronicité   New Age
Forgotten Suns Innergy   Prog Metal
Formichella Tony & Base One Not Too Long Ago   Jazz
Forrest Fang Gongland   Elettronica
Forty Days, The The Colour of Change new Prog
Forty Deuce Nothing to Lose   Hard Rock
Forty Moostachy, the Demo 2004   Stoner
Fossil Fossil   Prog
Fragil Sorpresa del Tiempo   Prog
Fragile Hollow Effete Mind   Gothic Metal
Fragments de la Nuit, Les Musique du Crépuscule   neo classica
Fragments de la Nuit, Les Demain C'était Hier   neo classica
Framepictures Remember It   Prog Metal
Frameshift Unweaving the Rainbow   Prog Metal
Frampton Peter Now   Rock
Frampton Peter Fingerprints   Rock
Frattini Roberto Little Domestic Ghosts new Blues
Frazione Fabbrica Tempi Imperfetti   Alternative
Freak Neil Inc Characters   Prog Metal
Free Love Incubus   Prog
Free Love Official Bootleg vol.1   Prog
Free Love Apocalypse   Prog
Free Nelson Mandoomjazz The Shape of the Doom Jazz to Come new Doom Jazz
Freedom Call Dimensions   Heavy Metal
Freedom Jailers Shouted   Hard Rock
Frehley Ace Greatest Hits Live   Hard Rock
Friedman Marty Music for Speeding   Virtuoso
Friedman Marty Loudspeaker   Virtuoso
Frogflavor Space of Magic   Prog
From The Inside Visions   AOR
Frost Milliontown   Prog
Frost Experiments in Mass Appeal   Prog
Frost Like Ashes Pure As The Blood Covered Snow   Death Metal
Frozen Autumn Is Anybody There   Gothic
Fruitcake Power Structure   Prog
Fruupp Future Legends   Prog
Fruupp The Prince of Heaven Eyes   Prog
Fugu Harmonia Maudit   Prog
Funderburk Tommy Anything For You   AOR
Funerl Marmoori The Deer Woman new Doom
Fungus The Face of Evil new Dark Prog
Funker Vogt Warzone K17 Live in Berlin   EBM
Further Seems Forever How to Start a Fire   Hard Core
Furyu Ciò Che l'Anima Non Dice   Prog Metal
Fusion Project, the Code Name: Fusion Project   Jazz Rock

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