Rock Impressions R

R-Evolution Band The Dark Side of the Wall   Prog
Raccomandata con Ricevuta di Ritorno, La Nuova Il Pittore Volante   Prog
Radiata 5tet, the Aurelia Aurita   Jazz
Radiohead Ok Computer   Rock
Radiohead A Moon Shaped Pool new Alternative
Rag I Ryggen Rag I Ryggen   Hard Rock
Raging Slab (pronounced eat-shit)   Southern
Rain Headshaker   Heavy Metal
Rainstorm Project Purple Eyes   Hard Rock
Raison De Plus Ici Est Ailleurs   Prog
Rajna The Door of Serenity   Ethno Goth
Rajna Hidden Temple   Ethno Goth
Rajna Otherwise   Ethno Goth
Rajna Offerings   Ethno Goth
Ram Where? (In Conclusion)   Prog
Ram Jam The Very Best Of   Hard Rock
Ramaglia Vincenzo Formaldeide   Ambient
Ramaglia Vincenzo Chimera   Ambient
Ramaglia Vincenzo PVC Smoking   Ambient
Raminghi, I Il Lungo Cammino dei Raminghi   Psichedelia
Ramos Sophia Her Majesty   Hard Rock
RaneStrane Nosferatu il Vampiro   Prog
Ranj Viaggio Notturno new World Metal
Raster meets Vlastur The Dub Club new Rock Steady
Raven Sad Quoth   Prog
Raven Sad We Are Not Alone   Psychedelic
Raven Sad Layers of Stratosphere   Psychedelic
Rayon Born to Be Ready   Heavy Metal
Raz Band, The Madison Park new Rock
Razzmatazz Rock 'n' Roll Hero   Hard Rock
RC2 Rc2   Prog
RC2 Future Awaits   Prog
Rea Dennis Views From Chicheng Precipice   Free Jazz
Readman David David Readman   Hard Rock
Real Illusion Impheria new Prog Metal
Rearth For My Dreams I Fall   Rock Italiano
Rebel Meets Rebel Rebel Meets Rebel   Southern Metal
Rebellion Born A Rebel   Heavy Metal
Red Circuit Trance State   Heavy Metal
Red Lights Trio Illusion   Jazz
Red Onions Diario d'un Uomo Qualunque   Prog
Red Zen, the Void   Prog
Redemption The Origin of Ruin   Prog Metal
Redemption Frozen in the Moment   Prog Metal
Redline Vice   Heavy Metal
Reghenzi Gilda Amorevolmente   Jazzy
Reliquary Winter World   Rock
Rembrandts Lost Together   AOR
Renaissance Tuscany   Prog
Rendezvous Point Solar Storm new Prog
Renegade Too Hard To Die   Heavy Metal
Rentrer En Soi The Bottom of Chaos   Japanese Rock
Repetitor Dobrodosli Na Okean   Alternative
Repsel The Double Mask of Human Kind   Prog Metal
Requiem Laus Promo 2006   Death Metal
Resistance Lies in Black   Heavy Metal
Retrospective Lost in Perception   Prog Metal
Retrovértigo Idéjala ... Està Triste   Prog
Reviver Reviver   Heavy Metal
Rewiring Genesis A Tribute To The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway   Prog
Rex Inferi Like a Hurricane   Heavy Metal
Rhapsody The Magic of the Wizard's Dream   Heavy Metal
Rhapsody Live in Canada 2005   Heavy Metal
Rhapsody Of Fire Triumph Or Agony   Heavy Metal
Rhapsody Sweden Strange Vibrations   Hard Rock
Ribaunz Sogno Liquido   Rock
Rigoni Alberto Something Different   Virtuoso
Rigoni Alberto Three Wise Monkeys   Virtuoso
Rigotto Paolo Corpi Celesti   Pop
Rigotto Paolo Uomo Bianco   Pop
Riis Bjorn Lullabies in a Car Crash new Prog
Ring The Empire of Necromancers   Prog
Ring Of Fire Lapse of Reality   Hard Rock
Ringing Ring Ancient Stone   Medieval
Riot Army of One   Heavy Metal
Ripper Third Witness new Heavy Metal
Ritual Ritual   Prog
Ritual Superb Birth   Prog
Ritual Think Like A Mountain   Prog
Ritual Live   Prog
Ritual The Hemulic Voluntary Band   Prog
Rivendell Elven Tears   Gothic Metal
Riverboat Gamblers Underneath The Owl   Punk
Riverland Riverland   Neo Folk
Riverside Second Life Syndrome   Prog Metal
Riverside Rapid Eye Movement   Prog Metal
Riverside Anno Domini High Definition   Prog Metal
Riverside Shrine of New Generation Slaves   Prog Metal
Roach Steve Early Man   Ambient goth
Roach Steve Streams & Currents   Ambient goth
Roadless, The Whiskey For Breakfast   Rock
Roadless, The R-evolution   Rock
Roccaforte Sintesi   Prog
Rocchi Claudio Live 73/4/5 + Mirage   Prog
Rock Rob Garden of Chaos   Heavy Metal
Rocket Scientists Revolution Road   Prog
Rocketface Rocketface   Hard Rock
Rodrigo y Gabriela Live Manchester and Dublin   World Music
Rodrigo y Gabriela Rodrigo y Gabriela   World Music
Rodrigo y Gabriela Live in Japan   World Music
Rodrigo y Gabriela 11:11   World Music
Rodrigo y Gabrieal and C.U.B.A. Area 52   World Music
Room With A View First Year Departure   Gothic Metal
Rootwater Visionism   Metalcore
Rosa Antica Seven   Alternative
Rose Hill Drive Moon Is the New Earth   Hard Rock
Rosenkreutz Back to the Stars new Prog
Ross 54 Live at the Black Hole   Psichedelic Prog
Ross The Boss New Metal Leader   Heavy Metal
Rossi Andrea Animal   Virtuoso
Roth David Lee Diamond Dave   Rock
Roth Uli Jon Beyond the Astral Skies   Hard Rock
Roth Uli Jon Sky Of Avalon   Neo Classic
Roth Uli Jon Trascendental Sky Guitar   Hard Rock
Roth Uli Jon Historic Performances (DVD)   Hard Rock
Roth Uli Jon Legends of Rock   Hard Rock 
Roth Uli Jon Metamorphosis   Symphonic Rock
Roth Uli Jon Best Of   Hard Rock
Roth Uli Jon Under A Dark Sky   Symphonic Rock
Rothery Steve The Ghosts of Pripyat new Prog
Round House Jin.Zo-Ni.N.Gen/Wings to Rest/Live@2001 in Osaka   Prog 
Royal Hunt Paper Blood   Heavy Metal
Royal Hunt 2006 Live   Heavy Metal
RPWL Stock   Prog
RPWL God Has Failed   Prog
RPWL Trying To Kiss The Sun   Prog
RPWL World Through My Eyes   Prog
RPWL Start the Fire   Prog
RPWL The RPWL Experience   Prog
RPWL The RPWL Live Experience   Prog
RPWL A Show Between Man and Time   Prog
RTZ Lost and Found   AOR
Rubin Barbara Under the Ice   Rock
Rubino Luigi A Theme For the Moon   Neo Classica
Rubino Luigi Il Soffio e la Voce new Neo Classica
Rudess Jordan Feeding the Wheel   Prog
Rudess Jordan Rhythm of Time   Prog
Rudi, I Tre Pezzi di Routine   Rock
Ruffians Desert of Tears   Heavy Metal
Ruggeri Enrico Punk Prima di Te   Punk Rock
Ruggeri Enrico All In - L'Ultima Follia di Enrico Ruggeri   Rock Italiano
Ruggeri Enrico La Ruota   Rock Italiano
Ruggeri Enrico Frankenstein   Rock Italiano
Runaway Totem Ted Zepi   Prog
Runaway Totem Manu Menes   Prog
Runaway Totem Ai Cancelli dell'Ombra   Prog
Runaway Totem Le Roi Du Monde   Prog
Rush Clockwork Angels   Prog Metal
Russell Allen Atomic Soul   Hard Rock
Russell Calvin In Spite of It All   Rock
Ryker's Never Meant to Last new Crossover

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