Rock Impressions C


C.F.F. Al Cuore Post Rock
C.Zek Band, the Set You Free Rock
Caamora She Prog
Caamora Journey's End Prog
Cab Cab4 Fusion
Cabaret Sauvage Studio Rock Blues
Cabin Fevers, the Roll On Down Hard Rock
Cactus V Hard Rock
Caffery Chris Pins and Needles Heavy Metal
Cafissi Matt Matt Cafissi Virtuoso
Cafissi Matt Heat of Emotion Virtuoso
Cafissi Matt All the Little Things Virtuoso
Cage 87/94 Prog
Cain The Master Clockwork Hard Rock
Cairo Time of Legends Prog
Calamari For Lunch Calamari For Lunch Psichedelic Rock
California Guitar Trio CG3 + 2 Prog
California Guitar Trio A Christmas Album Prog
California Guitar Trio The First Decade Prog
California Guitar Trio Whitewater Prog
Calvin Misha Evolution Pomp
Calvino Occhi Pieni Occhi Vuoti Cantautore
Camerata Mediolanense Vertute, Honor Bellezza Neo Classica
Camerata Mediolanense Le Vergini Folli Neo Classica
Cammarata Fabrizio Rooms Rock
Camouflage Relocated Electronic Pop
Camouflage Live in Dresden Electronic Pop
Canali Giorgio e Rossofuoco Nostra Signora della Dinamite Rock
Candida Kandinskij Premature Gothic
Candya Altalena di Cera Cold Wave
Canned Heat Canned, Labeled and Shelved Rock Blues
Cannon Burning Love Heavy Metal
Cantina Sociale Caosfera Prog
Capaldi Jim Anna Julia Rock
Capaldi Jim Living on the Outside Rock
Capasso Carmine Assenza di Gravità Rock
Cape Joey Bridge Rock
Capra Marcello Preludio ad una Nuova Alba Acustico
Capra Marcello Fili del Tempo Virtuoso
Caprice Elven Music Neo Classica
Caprice Elven Music 2 - Iluvatar's Children Neo Classica
Caprice Sister Simplicity Neo Classica
Caprice Elven Music 3 - Tales of the Uninvited Neo Classica
Caprice Kywitt! Kywitt! Neo Classica
Caprice Masquerade Neo Classica
Captain Jack's Army Captain Jack's Army Folk Punk
Caputo Valeria Migratory Birds Rock
Caravan If I Could Do It All Over Again... Prog
Carducci Franck Oddity Prog
Carducci Franck Torn Apart Prog
Carillon del Dolore ... Per Portarti Questo Scrigno Dark Wave
Carl Verheyen Band Live in L.A. Rock Blues
Carlsson Patrik Melodic Travel Virtuoso
Carneviva EPisodi Rock Italiano
Carpani Alex Waterline Prog
Carpani Alex The Sanctuary Prog
Carpani Alex L'Orizzonte degli Eventi Prog
Carpani Alex Microcosm Prog
Carpet Beat'rs Il Mito della Caverna Psychedelic
Carpet Knights Lost and So Strange is My Mind Prog
Carpet Knights According to Life... Prog
Carptree Man Made Machine Prog
Carptree Nymf Prog
Carrack Paul Satisfy My Soul Virtuoso
Caruso Frank Kaleidoscope Virtuoso
Casalino Roberto L'Atmosfera Rock Italiano
Casino Steel There's a Tear in My Beer Roots Rock
Cast Legacy Prog
Cast Castalia Prog
Cast Nimbus Prog
Cast Mosaique Prog
Cast Power and Outcome Prog
Castello di Atlante, Il Sono Io il Signore delle Terre del Nord Prog
Casualities, the We Are All We Have Punk
Catafalchi del Cyber Benediktus Und Vobis Quoque Catafalcus Est Tu Avantgarde
Cataldo Domenico The Way Out Virtuoso
Catena Paolo Quadrimusicali Experimental
Catena Paolo Quadrimusicali 2 Experimental
Catena Paolo Quadrimusicali 3 Experimental
Catena Paolo Quadrimusicali 4 Experimental
Catley Bob Spirit of Man Pomp
Catley Bob Immortal Pomp
Catrani Laura Vox In Bestia Avanguardia
Caveau In Alternative
Cayne Old Faded Pictures Gothic Metal
Cazuela de Condor Paion, Panico, Lo Cura Y Muerte Jazz Rock
Cek Deluxe Hanging Bags Rock Blues
Celesty Legacy Of Hate Heavy Metal
Cellulite Star Explicit Attitude Hard Rock
Celtic Frost Into the Pandemonium Black Metal
Central Unit I See You Prog
Centric Jones The Antikythera Method Prog
Century The Secret Inside Gothic Metal
Cerchio d'Oro, Il Il Viaggio di Colombo Prog
Ceriello Luciano Radio Varnadi Cantautore
Chain Paul Alkahest Doom
Chain Paul Sanctuary Heve Dark Rock
Chain Paul Cosmic Wind Dark Rock
Chained Shattered Minds Heavy Metal
Champlin Bill No Place Left to Fall AOR
Changelings Astronomica Pop
Chantry It's An Old Story Prog Metal
Chants of Maldoror Every Mask Tells the Truth Gothic
Chaoswave The White Noise Within Heavy Metal
Chardeau Hors Portée Prog
Chardreau Résilience Prog
Charlie Kitchens of Perfection Hard Rock
Charme The Red Side Prog Metal
Cheap Trick Rockford Melodic Hard
Cheap Trick Silver Melodic Hard
Cheap Trick Special One Melodic Hard
Cheese Richard The Sunny Side of the Moon Swing
Cheope Downloadideas Prog Metal
Cherno Trigonometric R./ Missing I./ Slight...
Cherno Complicity Vision Prog
Cherry Five Il Pozzo dei Giganti Prog
Cherry Lips Cherry Lips Glam
Cherry Lips Blow It Away Hard Rock
Chest Rockwell Vs. The World + Total Victory Prog
Chevelle Wonder What's Next Nu Metal
Chiasso Mozzo Chiasso Mozzo Folk
Chiave Di Volta Ritratto Libero Prog
China We Are the Stars AOR
China Blue Twilight of Destiny AOR
Chris Making Sense Prog
Chris City of Light Prog
Chris Days of Summer Gone Prog
Christadoro Christadoro Prog
Christian Death The Bible Gothic
Christian Death Born Again Antichristian Gothic
Christian Death Love and Hate Gothic
Christian Death Cleopatra recordings Gothic
Christian Death Lover of Sin Gothic
Christian James Meet the Man AOR
Chroma Key You Go Now Electronic
Chroma Key Graveyard Mountain Home Electronic
Chrome Shift Ripples in Time Prog Metal
Chromium Hawk Machine Annuaki Space Rock
Chthonic Pandemonium Black Metal
Church of Hed Church of Hed Space Rock
Cincopan Matteo Fantascienza Prog
Cincopan Matteo Passati Futuri Prog
Cinema Into the State of Flux Prog
Cinema Mindscapes Prog
Circle II Circle The Middle of Nowhere Heavy Metal
Circles End Hang On to That Kite Prog
Circulus The Lick on the Tip of an Envelope... Psychedelic
Circulus Clocks Are Like People Psychedelic
Circus Brimstone Brim Stoned in Europe Live Prog
Circus Maximus The First Chapter Prog Metal
Circus Maximus Isolate Prog Metal
Circus Nebula Circus Nebula Heavy Metal
Circus Nebula The Second Coming Heavy Metal
Citizen Cain Raising the Stones Prog
Citriniti Between the Music and the Latitude Fusion
Claire Voyant Claire Voyant Gothic
Clairvoyants, the Word to the Wise Heavy Metal
Clairvoyants, the The Shape of Things to Come Heavy Metal
Clan Of Xymox Subsequent Pleasures Gothic
Claudio Milano's End Friends ManifestAzioni Live 2011 2023 Avantgarde
Claypool Les 5 Gallons of Diesel Crossover
Claytoride For His Wine and Chamber Rock
Cleveland Barry Hologramatron Jazz Rock
Client Heartland Electronic Pop
Cliffhanger Circle Prog
Cliffhanger Dug Out Alive! 1993-2001 Prog
Clouds Can Leave Prog
Cloudscape Crimson Skies Prog Metal
Clutch Jam Room Stoner
Clynes Susan Life Is... Jazzy
Code of Perfection Last Exit For the Lost Heavy Metal
Codeina Quore, Hidalgo Picaresco Stoner
Coenen Marcel Guitar Talk Virtuoso
Coenen Marcel Colour Journey Virtuoso
Cog Sharing Space Prog
Cold After All Gothic
Collection D'Arnell Andrea Villers-aux-Vents Gothic
Collection D'Arnell Andrea Un Automne à Loroy Gothic
Collection D'Arnell Andrea The Bower of Despair Gothic
Collection D'Arnell Andrea Au Val Des Roses Gothic
Collection D'Arnell Andrea Exposition Gothic
Collection D'Arnell Andrea Vernes-Monde Gothic
Collective Soul Collective Soul (Rabbit) Rock
Collide Some Kind of Strange Gothic
Colloquio Si Muove e Ride Gothic
Coma Excess Alternative
Come le Foglie Aliante Prog
Come With Reverse Composing Serenity Goth Rock
Comma Elusive Dreams Prog Metal
Compagni di Baal, I I Compagni di Baal Prog
Cencepcion Alain R AOR
Concept of God Visions Doom Metal
Condition Red Condition Red Prog
Condition Red II Prog
Conidi Marco Miracoli Non Se Ne Fanno Cantautori
Conqueror Istinto Prog
Conqueror Storie Fuori dal Tempo Prog
Conqueror 74 Giorni Prog
Conqueror Madame Zelle Prog
Conspiracy The Unknown Prog
Continual Drift Reality Hard Rock
Contraluz Novus Orbis Prog
Convergence Points of View Hard Rock
Cooley Rusty Rusty Cooley Virtuoso
Cooper Alice Dragontown Hard Rock
Cooper Alice The Eyes of Alice Cooper Hard Rock
Cooper Alice Along Came A Spider Hard Rock
Copernicus Disappearance Avantgarde
Copernicus Nothing Exists Avantgarde
Copernicus Live! In Prague Avantgarde
Copernicus Deeper Avantgarde
Coppola Massimo Sinceri Oroscopi Cantautore
Corde Oblique Respiri Folk Gothic
Corde Oblique Volontà d'Arte Folk Medieval
Corde Oblique The Stones of Naples Folk Medieval
Corde Oblique Live at La Nuit des Fées Folk Medieval
Corde Oblique I Maestri del Colore  
Coreacore Lottoventisette Folk Rock
Coreya Al Silenzio Crossover
Corpo I & II Psychedelic
Corpo III Prog
Corruption Bourbon River Bank Stoner
Corte dei Miracoli Corte dei Miracoli Prog
Cos Pasiones Prog
Cosmic Box Not Better... Simply Different Rock
Cosmic Box LBS (Last Broadcasting Records) Rock
Cosmic Farm Cosmic Farm Fusion
Cosmic Rough Riders Deliverance British Pop
Cosmic Rough Riders Too Close to See Far British Pop
Cosmo Alien Melodic Hard
Cottarelli Mario Prodigiosa Macchina Prog
Cottarelli Mario Una Strana Commedia Prog
Coucou, Selavy Rien Ne Va Plus: Differita Giocar Art Rock
Coulson Sam Electric Classical Virtuoso
Coven Randy Witch Way Fusion
Cozmic Mojo Honest Criminals Rock Blues
Cozmic Mojo Southern Frequency Club Rock
Crack the Sky Living in Reverse Prog
Credo Field Of Vision Prog
Credo This is What We Do Prog
Crest Letters From Fire Gothic Metal
Crimson Ghosts, the Carpe Mortem Horror Punk
Crimson Moonlight The Covenant Progress Black Metal
Crimson Moonlight Glorification Of The Master Of Light Black Metal
Crimson ProjeKCt, the Live in Tokyo Prog
Crisk Das Erste Mal EBM
Cromwell Black Chapter Red Prog
Cronian Enterprise Black Metal
Cross The Thrill of Nothingness Prog
Cross Wake Up Call Prog
Crovella Beppe What's Rattlin' on the Moon Prog
Crowhead Frozen Gothic Metal
Crown Of Thorns Faith Hard Rock
Crowned in Earth A Vortex of Earthly Chimes Dark Prog
Cruachan Tuatha Na Gael Folk Metal
Cruachan Folk-Lore Folk Metal
Cruachan Pagan Folk Metal
Cruachan The Morrigans' Call Folk Metal
Cruel Boxes All the Broken Chains Emo
Crusem Thierry Les Couloirs de l'Amer Etonnant Prog
Cruz De Hierro Cruz De Hierro Prog
Cunningham Rosalie Rosalie Cunningham Hard Rock
Currie Justin What Is Love For Rock
Cursed, the Room Full of Sinners Heavy Metal
Curva di Lesmo, La La Curva di Lesmo Prog
Curved Air Air Conditioning Prog
Curved Air Live Atmosphere Prog
Curved Air Tapestry of Proposition Prog
Cutting Crew Add to Favourites Rock
Cyril Gone Through Years Prog
Cyril Paralyzed Prog

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