Rock Impressions B


B.Impatient Intensity   Alternative
Baaba Kulka Baaba Kulka   Avantgarde
Babyruth Mr Right Hand Man   Hard Rock
Baccini Sophya Aradia   Dark Rock
Baccini Sophya Big Red Dragon   Dark Rock
Backyard Babies Backyard Babies   Hard Rock
Backyard Babies Them XX   Hard Rock
Bad Ambition Storm Signal   AOR
Bad Blood Worn Out   Post Punk
Bad Company Merchants of Cool   Hard Rock
Bad Habit [Hear-Say]   AOR
Bad Mexican This is the First Attempt of a Band Called   Psychedelic
Badirov Vladimir Project Greeting From Nostradamus   Prog
Baker Gurvitz Army Live   Hard Rock
Balestra Andrea Painting on Silence   Virtuoso
Balletto di Bronzo YS   Prog
Ballo Delle Castagne Kalachakra   Dark Prog
Ballo Delle Castagne Surpassing All Other Kings   Dark Prog
Baltaro Paolo Low Fare Flight To The Earth   Prog
Baltaro Paolo The Day After the Night Before new Prog
Baltimoore Fanatical   Hard Rock
Baltimoore Back For More new Hard Rock
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso B.M.S. 40 anni   Prog
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso Io Sono Nato Libero   Prog
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso Seguendo le traccie   Prog
Banda del Pozzo, La La Banda del Pozzo new Swing
Banda Elastica Ai Tencargo   Prog
Bandvivil Junaokissei   Prog
Bangtwister The Moon on a Stick   Psych Metal
Bankrobber, the Indifferente   Rock Italiano
Bankrobber, the Rob the Wave   New Wave
Bankrobber, the Gazza Ladra new Rock Italiano
Bankrobber, the The Land of Tales new Rock
Banned From Utopia So Yuh Don't Like Modern Art
  Jazz Rock
Barbieri Richard Stranger Inside   Prog
Barclay James Harvest Live Tapes   Prog
Barclay James Harvest Ring of Changes   Prog
Barclay James Harvest Victims of Circumstance   Prog
Bardowell Philip In the Cut   AOR
Barr Skogsbo is the Place   Psichedelic
Barre Martin Stage Left   Virtuoso
Barrett Elmore Woodlands   Psychedelic
Basements La Fine di Niente new Rock Italiano
Baseprima Quando Sto Con Lei   Indie - Hip Hop
Bassett John Unearth new Prog
Bassinvaders Hellbassbeaters   Heavy Metal
Basta! Elemento Antropico new Prog
Bastardogs No Pain No Gain new Hard Rock
Bastianelli Alberto I Still Rock   Heavy Rock
Battistella Ivan News From the Moon new Southern
Bauhaus In the Flat Field   Gothic
Bavieri Emanuele Cantami o Musa   Prog
Beach Boys That's Why God Made the Radio   Rock
Beach Reb Masquerade   Hard Rock
Beardfish Sleeping in Traffic: Part One   Prog
Beardfish Sleeping in Traffic: Part Two   Prog
Beardfish Destined Solitaire   Prog
Beardfish The Void   Prog
Beatrix Players Magnified new Neo Classica
Beautiful Creatures Deuce   Hard Rock
Bed Toys Bottlenaked   Hard Rock
Bededeum Oltre il Sipario   Prog
Bedlam In Command 1973   Hard Rock
Bedlam Live in Binghampton 1974   Hard Rock
Beehoover The Sun Behind the Dustbin   Prog Doom
Beehoover Heavy Zooo   Prog Doom
Beehoover Concrete Catalyst new Prog Doom
Before The Dawn The Ghost   Gothic Metal
Beledo Dreamland Mechanism new Prog
Belew Adrian Side Two   Prog
Belica For All   Hard Rock
Believe Hope to See Another Day   Prog
Believe Yesterday Is a Friend   Prog
Believe Hope to See Another Day (dvd)   Prog
Believe This Bread is Mine   Prog
Believe World is Round   Prog
Believe Seeing is Believing   Prog
Belladonna Metaphysical Attraction   Gothic Metal
Belladonna The Noir Album   Gothic Metal
Belladonna Shooting Dice With God   Gothic Metal
Bellas George Venomous Fingers   Guitar
Beloved Failure On   Emo Core
Benedictum Uncreation   Heavy Metal
Bensusan Pierre Altoplanos   Virtuoso
Beppe Di Benedetto 5tet See the Sky   Jazz
Berggren Kerslake Band The Sun Has Gone Hazy new Hard Rock
Bernays Propaganda My Personal Holiday   Punk
Bernays Propaganda Zabraneta Planeta   Punk
Bernays Propaganda Politika new Post Punk
Berry Robert The Wheel of Time   Pomp
Berry Robert The Dividing Line   Pomp
Beseech Souls Highway   Gothic
Bevivino Alessandro I Corti di Verbo Nero + Disco Samurai   Acustico
Bevivino Alessandro e Sgrò Frank Dead Ballad Session   Electronic
Bevivino Alessandro I Corti di Verbo Nero (Scene Eliminate)   Acustico
Beya Chris Atoll Illian, J'Entends Gronder la Terre   Prog
Beyon D Lusion Intuispection   Heavy Metal
Beyond-O-Matic Relations in the Border Between   Psychedelic
Beyond The Void I Am Your Ruin   Gothic Metal
Bibbò Pierpaolo Genemesi   Prog
Bibbò Pierpaolo Via Lattea new Prog
Big Country Driving To Damascus   Rock
Big Country One in a Million   Rock
Big Country Rarities 2   Rock
Big Country Under Cover   Rock
Big Country The Journey   Rock
Bilingue En El Medio de To   Fusion
Black, the Refugium Peccatorum   Dark Rock
Black, the Reliquiarium / Infernus, Paradisus et Purgatorium new Dark Rock
Black Bonzo Sound of the Apocalypse   Prog
Black Country Communion Afterglow   Hard Rock
Black Hole Land of Mystery   Dark Rock
Black Hole Evil in the Dark new Dark Rock
Black Mama Black Mama   Rock Blues
Black Mirrors La Vita Sul Serio   Punk
Black Mirrors Stato d'Eccezione new Punk
Black Noodle Project Play Again   Prog
Black Noodle Project Ghosts & Memories   Prog
Black Noodle Project Divided We Fall new Prog
Black One Out Helpless   Punk Rock
Black Sabbath Past Lives   Hard Rock
Black Sabbath 13   Dark Rock
Black Shape of Nexus Negative Black new Doom
Black Sheep SisMa   Hard Rock
Black Rose The Return of the Black Rose   Hard Prog
Black Tape For A Blue Girl Tarnished   Gothic
Blackfield Blackfield   Prog
Blackfield II   Prog
Blackfield Live in New York City   Prog
Blackfield V new Prog
Blackmore J.R. Between Darkness and Light   Hard Rock
Blackmore's Night Fires at Midnight   Medioeval
Blackmore's Night Home Again   Medioeval
Blackmore's Night Past Times With Good Company   Medioeval
Blackmore's Night Ghost of a Rose   Medioeval
Blackmore's Night Beyond The Sunset   Medioeval
Blackmore's Night Castles & Dreams (2DVD)   Medioeval
Blades Jack Jack Blades   AOR
Blades Jack Rock 'n Roll Ride   AOR
Beardfish Sleeping In Traffic: Part One   Prog
BlancaWhite Resurgence of Rock   AOR
Bleeding Like Mine Never Again Will I Dream...   Gothic Ambient
Blessed Beat, the MIV new Free Jazz
Blezqi Zatsaz The Tides Turns   Prog Metal
Blind Ego Mirror   Prog
Blind Guardian Live 2003   Heavy Metal
Blindcat Shock Wave new Heavy Rock
Blindead Affliction XXIX MXMVI   Prog Metal
Blindside Silence   Nu Metal
Bloodbound Nosferatu   Heavy Metal
Bloodbound Book of the Dead   Heavy Metal
Bloodflowerz Diabolic Angel   Gothic Metal
Bloodflowerz Dark Love Poems   Gothic Metal
Bloodgood Dangerously Close   Hard Rock
Blowback Morning Wood   Stoner
Blowback 800 Miles   Hard Rock
Blue Birds Refuse to Fly Xenomorph Angel   Elettro Pop
Blue Coupe Tornado on the Tracks   Hard Rock
Blue Dawn Blue Dawn   Heavy Metal
Blue Dawn Edge of Chaos   Heavy Metal
Blue Mammoth Blue Mammoth   Prog
Blue Oyster Cult Heaven Forbid   Hard Rock
Blue Oyster Cult Curse of the Hidden Mirror    Hard Rock 
Blue Oyster Cult  Tyranny and Mutation/Secret Treaties   Hard Rock 
Blue Oyster Cult A Long Day's Night (CD + DVD)   Hard Rock 
Blue Rose Fallen From Heaven   AOR
Blueville Butterfly Blues   Blues Rock
Boanerges Founded Upon the Rock   Heavy Metal
Boarders The World Hate Me   Heavy Metal
Bodin Tomas Pinup Guru    Prog 
Bodin Tomas Sonic Boulevard   Prog
Bodin Tomas I Am   Prog
Bodin Tomas She Belongs to Another Tree new Prog
Boffo Jean Pascal Parfum D'Etoiles   Prog Acustico
Boffo Jean Pascal La Boite a Musique   Prog Acustico
Boland In My Corner   Heavy Rock
Bolin Tommy Whips and Roses 1   Hard Rock
Bolin Tommy Whips and Roses 2   Hard Rock
Bonamassa Joe You & Me   Rock Blues
Bonfire One Acoustic Night   Rock
Bonifacio Mad Eyes Zero Over Zero new Prog
Bonrud Save Tomorrow   Hard Rock
Boohoos Rocks For Real new Hard Rock
Bornidol 2 new Prog
Bosh Harald Die Sonne Scheint Fuer Alle Umsonst   Synth Pop
Bottura Alessandro Morning Grooves   Fusion
Boule Christian Non Fiction   Prog 
Bowie David Black Star new Rock
Box Edward Plectrumhead    Virtuoso
Box Edward Moonfudge   Virtuoso
Box Of Frogs Box of Frogs   Rock Blues
Box Of Frogs Strange Land   Rock Blues
Boxes Boxes new Pop
Bouchard Albert Incantation new Rock
Bouchard Joe Jukebox in My Head   Hard Rock
Bozzio Terry Prime Cuts   Virtuoso
Brain Surgeons Beach Party   Hard Rock
Brain Surgeons NYC Denial of Death   Hard Rock
Braindance Master of Disguise new Gothic Metal
Brainticket Cottonwoolhill   Prog
Bramlett Bonnie I Can Laugh About it Now   Rhythm & Blues
Brave New World Monsters   Hard Rock
Brazen Abbot Guilty As Sin   Hard Rock
Brazen Abbot A Decade of Brazen Abbot   Hard Rock
Brazen Abbot My Resurrection   Hard Rock
Brazen Abbot Live and Learn   Hard Rock
Brazen Abbot Eye of the Storm   Hard Rock
Brazen Abbot Bad Religion   Hard Rock
Brent Steed Horror Avenue N.7 new Alternative Metal
Brian Setzer Orchestra Boogie Woogie Christmas   Rock
Brian Setzer Orchestra Dig That Crazy Christmas   Rock
Brighteye Brison Stories   Prog
Brighteye Brison Believers & Deceivers   Prog
Brighteye Brison The Magician Chronicles Part I   Prog
Brillants At Breakfast Only Dull People Are Brilliants At Breakfast   Post Rock
Brimstone Solar Radiation Band Smorgasbord   Psychedelic
Brimstone Mannswerk new Psychedelic
Broadway Calls Good Views, Bad News   Punk
Broke'N'Blue The Waiting   AOR
Broken Dagger Chain of Command   Heavy Metal
Brother Ape Shangri-La   Prog
Brother Ape III   Prog
Brother Ape Turbolence   Prog
Brother Ape A Rare Moment of Insight   Prog
Brother Ape Force Majeure   Prog
Brother K Degeneration Beat new Jazz
Bruce Jack Shadows in the Air   Hard Rock
Bubola Massimo Ballate di Terra & d'Acqua   Rock Italiano
Bubola Massimo Romagna Nostra   Folk
Bubola Massimo In Alto I Cuori   Rock Italiano
Budderfly Budderfly   Prog
Budjana Dewa Dawai in Paradise   Fusion
Budjana Dewa Joged Kahyangan   Fusion
Budjana Dewa Surja Namaskar new Fusion
Bullet The Entrance to Hell   Hard Rock
Bullfrog Flower on the Moon   Hard Rock
Bullfrog The Road To Santiago   Hard Rock
Bullfrog Beggars & Losers   Hard Rock
Bullfrog Clearwater new Hard Rock
Bul Bul 6   Sperimentale
Bunton Kenyon This Guy... + All Planes... new Prog
Buonikonsigli Racconti ... Raccolti   Prog - Pop
Burdon Eric My Secret Life   Rock Blues
Burdon Eric Athens Traffic Live   Rock Blues
Burdon Eric Soul Of A Man   Rock Blues
Burning Saviours Nymphs & Weavers   Doom
Burnt Out Wreck Swallow new Hard Rock
Buttas Rudi Rudy's Journey   Rock
Buttered Bacon Biscuits From the Solitary Woods new Hard Rock
Butterfly Effect, the Final Conversation of Kings   Prog
Butzmetz Lingeriez Somewhere Between   Jazz Rock
Byrd Anthem   Virtuoso
Byrd James Crimes of Virtuosity   Virtuoso
Byron Band Lost and Found   Hard Rock
Byron Band On the Rocks   Hard Rock

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