Rock Impressions S


S & L Eternal   Prog Metal
S & L Time Machine   Prog Metal
Sabbatariam/Demoniciduth Split cd   Black Metal
Sabu Paul Bangkok Rules   AOR
Sacred Beyond the End of the World   Prog Metal
Sacrificium Cold Black Piece of Flesh   Death Metal
Sadites Jason Tales new Virtuoso
S.A.D.O. Holzwege   Free Jazz
S.A.D.O. Imprescindibile Momento di Cultura Italiana   Free Jazz
S.A.D.O. Weather Underground   Free Jazz
Saesciant Andiamo a Zanzibar   Rock Italiano
Saga Full Circle   Pomp
Saga House of Cards   Pomp
Saga Marathon   Pomp
Saga Silhouette (DVD)   Pomp
Saga All Areas   Pomp
Saga Network   Pomp
Saga Chapters Live   Pomp
Saga Trust   Pomp
Saga Remember When   Pomp
Saga Worlds Apart Revisited   Pomp
Saga 10.000 Days   Pomp
Saga Contact   Pomp
Saga The Human Condition   Prog
Sahara Hotnights What If Leaving is a Loving Thing   Hard Rock
Saidian ... For Those Who Walk the Path Forelorn   Heavy Metal
Saidian Phoenix   Heavy Metal
Sailor Free Spiritual Revolution   Prog
Sailor Free Spiritual Revolution Part.2 new Prog
Saint Deamon In Shadows Lost From the Brave   Heavy Metal
Saint James Society, the The Saint James Society   Psychedelic
Salas Stevie Shapeshifter   Virtuoso
Salem Hill Not Everybody's Gold   Prog
Salici, I Nowhere Better Than This Place, Somewhere...   Folk Rock
Salim Ghazi Saeedi Iconophobic   Prog
Salle Gaveau Alloy   World Music
Saltatio Mortis Das Zweite Gesicht   Folk Metal
Samurai of Prog, the The Imperial Hotel new Prog
Samurai of Prog, the Lost and Found new Prog
Samurai of Prog, the On We Sail new Prog
Samurai of Prog, the Archiviarium new Prog
Samurai of Prog, the Omnibus new Prog
Sanchioni Marco Dieci Anni Dopo   Rock Italiano
Sanchioni Marco Dolcemente Gridando sul Mondo new Rock Italiano
Sancta Sanctorum The Shining Darkness   Doom
Sange:Main:Machine Ready For the Show   Heavy Rock
Santolla Ralph Shaolin Monks In the Temple of Metal   Virtuoso
Sarrazine Sarrazine   Electronic
Sarzi Enrico Drive Through new Virtuoso
Satellite A Street Between Sunrise and Sunset   Prog
Satellite Into the Night   Prog
Satellite Nostalghia   Prog
Satisfaction Satisfaction   Jazz Rock
Satriani Joe Live!   Virtuoso
Saturday Overdose Eat My Dust!   Hard Rock
Savage Circus Dreamland Manor   Heavy Metal
Savatage Edge of Thorns new Heavy Metal
Saviour Machine Legend Part III:I   Prog Metal
Savoldelli Boris Insanology   Virtuoso
Savoldelli Boris Biocosmopolitan   Virtuoso
Savoldelli Boris Sharp Elliott Protoplasmic   Avantgarde
Savoldelli Casarano Bardoscia The Great Jazz Gig in the Sky new Jazz
Saxon The Eagle Has Landed III   Heavy Metal
Saxon The Inner Sanctum   Heavy Metal
Saxon Into the Labyrinth   Heavy Metal
Saxon Sacrifice   Heavy Metal
SBB New Century   Prog
SBB The Rock   Prog
SBB Four Decades   Prog
SBB Iron Curtain   Prog
SBB Blue Trance   Prog
SBB SBB   Prog
Scar Symmetry Pitch Black Progress   Extreme Metal
Scarinci Viviana Notarloberti Edo La Favola di Lilith new Spoken Words
Scarsella Daniele Con l'Olio nell'Acqua   Jazz
Scenes Call Us at the Number You Provide!   Prog Metal
Schattenkinder Vision of Nightfall   Gothic
Schelmish Coetus   Medieval
Schenker Michael Adventures of the Imagination   Virtuoso
Schenker Michael Thankyou 3   Virtuoso
Schenker Pattison Summit The Endless Jam Continues   Rock Blues
Scherani Luca Everyday's Life   Prog
Schiff Don Peering Over Clouds   Prog
Schulze Klaus Mirage/X/Dreams/Le Moulin de Daudet   Electronic
Schulze Klaus Picture Music/En=Trance/In Blue   Electronic
Schulze Klaus Gerrard Lisa Farscape   Electronic

Schulze Klaus feat. Gerrard Lisa

Rheingold   Electronic
Sciarada The Addiction   Ambient
Scippa Roberto Viaggiando Dentro   Cantautore
Scolari Claudio The My Fourteen Songs   Jazz
Scott Soto Jeff Live at the Gods 2002 (DVD)
  Hard Rock
Scott Soto Jeff Essential Ballads   Rock
Scott Soto Jeff Live in Madrid   Hard Rock
Scott Soto Jeff Damage Control   Hard Rock
Scotto Pino Datevi Fuoco (Lo Scotto da Pagare)   Hard Rock
Scotto Pino Codici Kappaò   Hard Rock
Scream Silence Elegy   Gothic Metal
Screaming Dead Death Rides Out   Gothic
Se Delan The Fall new Prog
Se Delan Drifter new Dark Prog
Seasons Of Time Closed to Open Plains new Prog
Second Sight Back On Earth   Hard Rock
Secret Oyster Sea Son   Prog
Secret Tales L'Antico Regno new Prog
Secrets of the Moon Antithesis   Black Metal
Section A Parallel Worlds   Prog Metal
Seldon Tutto a Memoria   Rock Italiano
Sengir Sign of Devotion   Gothic Metal
Sentenced The Funeral Album   Heavy Metal
Senza Nome Senza Nome   Prog
Sepultura A-Lex   Heavy Metal
Seraphic Eyes Hope new Post Grunge
Serenity Words Untold & Drema Unlived   Prog Metal
Sereno Mauro My Jazz Vol.1   Jazz
Sergeant Steel Riders of the Worm new Hard Rock
Seth Seth new Hard Rock
Seth Apocrypha new Hard Rock
Settore Giada Per Elisa   Gothic
Setzer Brian 13   Rock
Seven Impale City of the Sun new Prog
Seven Reizh Strinkadenn' YS   Folk Metal
Seven Steps to the Green Door Step Into My World   Prog
Seven Steps to the Green Door Fetish new Prog
Seven Tears In Every Frozen Tear   Prog Metal
Seven Wishes Destination: Alive   Hard Rock
Seven Witches Deadly Sins   Heavy Metal
Seventh Dawn The Age to an End Shall Come   Gothic
Seventh Harmonic The Awakening   Ambient Goth
Seventh Key The Raging Fire   AOR
Seventh Key Live in Atlanta   AOR
Seventh Wonder Become   Prog Metal
Several Union A Look in the Mirror   Nu Metal
Sgt. Sunshine Sgt. Sunshine   Doom
Shadow Gallery Room V   Prog Metal
Shadow's Mignon Midnight Sky Masquerade   Heavy Metal
Shadowcast Desperate Accuse Dimension   Gothic Metal
Shadowland Edge of Night   New Prog
Shadowman Different Angles   Hard Rock
Shadows Fade Shadows Fade   Melodic Rock
Shake Me L'Inquietudine   Rock
Shakra Infected   Hard Rock
Sham Rain Someplace Else   Gothic
Shape of Despair Shades Of...   Gothic
Shark Island Gathering of the Faithful   Hard Rock
Sharp Practice Radiocity   Rock
Shaw Blades Influence   Rock
Sheehan Billy Compression   Heavy Metal
Sheehan Billy Prime Cuts   Fusion
Sheen Absence new Sperimetale
Shenaniganz Open Your Eyes Or Cover Your Head   Punk
Sherinian Derek Black Utopia   Prog Metal
Sherinian Derek Mythology   Prog Metal
Sherinian Derek Blood of the Snake   Prog Metal
Sherinian Derek Molecular Heinosity Prog Metal
Sherwood Billy At the Speed of Life...   Prog
Shide A Shadow's Dilemma   Prog Metal
Shifting Tides Follow Me in the Land of Morpheus   Prog Metal
Shingetsu Live 25-26 July   Prog
Shinsekai Shinsekai   Prog
Ship of Fools Let's Get This Mother Outta Here   Prog
Shivan When Wishes Siken   Gothic Metal
Shiver, The Inside   Gothic
Shizuka Sho-Ka   Prog - Goth
Shooting Star Circles   AOR
Show-Yen II   Prog
Sh.Tg.N Sh.Tg.N   Avantgarde
SHW Psychoteque   Rock
Shy Sunset and Vine   AOR
Siani Paolo & Friends Castles, Wings, Stories & Dreams   Prog
Sicilia Emiliano Devotion Materialize   Virtuoso
Side Steps Points of View   Prog
Side Steps Steps on Edge   Prog
Side Steps Verge of Reality   Prog
Side Steps Alive 2   Prog
Sieges Even The Art of Navigating By the Stars   Prog Metal
Sieges Even Paramount   Prog Metal
Sieges Even Playgrounds   Prog Metal
Siena Root Far From the Sun   Hard Rock
Siena Root Different Realities   Hard Rock
Sigmund Snopek III First Band on the Moon / Roy Rogers Meets...   Prog
Sign Thank God For Silence   Hard Rock
Sign, The The Second Coming   AOR
Sign of 4 Dancing With St.Peter   Hard Rock
Signorile Claudio A Song 4 Each Day...   Virtuoso
Signorile Claudio Groove Experience new Virtuoso
Signum Regis Signum Regis   Pomp Metal
Sikh One More Piece   Crossover
Silent Edge The Eyes of the Shadow   Prog Metal
Silent Memorial Cosmic Handball   Prog Metal
Silent Voices Chapters of Tragedy   Prog Metal
Silent Void Paranoid Superhero   Alternative
Silentium Sufferion - Hamartia of Prudence   Gothic Metal
Silenzio Silenzio   Prog Metal
Silenzio Profondo Silenzio Profondo new Heavy Metal
Silhouette Moods   Prog
Silhouette Across the Rubicon   Prog
Silver Gold   Hard Rock
Silver Lake Every Shape and Size   Prog Metal
Silver Lining The Inner Dragon   Prog
Simak Dialog Demi Masa   Prog Jazz
Simak Dialog The 6th Story new Fusion
Simak Dialog Live at Orion new Fusion
Simonetti Claudio Dario Argento's Dracula 3D   Soundtrack
Simper Nick & Nasty Habits Live at Szene Vienna   Hard Rock
Sin Equilibrium   Hard Rock
Sinagoga Zen Sinagoga Zen new Prog
Sinclair Richard R.S.V.P. new Prog
Sine Macula Dark Idols   Dark Rock
Sinestesia The Day After Flower   Prog
Sinister Street Trust   Prog
Sinoath Anamnesis new Dark Metal
Sintesi del Viaggio di Es Il Sole Alle Spalle new Prog
Sintonia Distorta Frammenti D'Incanto new Prog
Siouxsie Mantaray   Gothic
Sir Hedgehog Sir Hedgehog   Dark Rock
Sir Lord Baltimore Kingdom Come   Hard Rock
Sir Lord Baltimore Sir Lord Baltimore   Hard Rock
Sir Lord Baltimore III Raw   Hard Rock
Sirenia Nine Destinies and a Downfall   Gothic Metal
Sister Sin Switchblade Serenades   Hard Rock
Sistra Bearing new Sperimentale
Sistra Communication Deferred new Space Rock
Sithonia La Soluzione Semplice   Prog
Six North I'm Here in My Heart   Prog
Six North Prayer   Prog
Six Red Carpets Nightmares + Lullabies   Rock
Skantze Patrik Fiction at First View   Prog
Skeem Skeem   Prog
Skid Row Revolution Per Minute   Punk Metal
Skinny Puppy HanDover   Industrial
Skintrade Refueled new Heavy Rock
S.K.U.R.K. 666 Personligheter   Heavy Metal
Skull, the For Those Which Are Asleep new Doom
Skull Daze Skull Daze   Sleaze Rock
Sky Architect Excavations of the Mind   Prog
Sky Cries Mary Taking the Stage - Live 1997-2005   Trip Hop
Skyron Orchestra Situations   Psychedelic
Skys, The Journey Through the Skies new Prog
Skywise Cold Cold World   Doom
Slamer Nowere Land   Hard Rock
Slaves to Fashion Slaves to Fashion   Prog
Slavior Slavior   Prog Metal
Sleepless Winds Blow Higher   Gothic
Sleepwalker Sun Sleepwalker Sun   Prog Metal
Sleepwalker Sun Stranger in the Mirror   Prog Metal
Slick Earl Zig Zag   Rock
Slivovitz Hubris   Jazz Rock
Slivovitz Bani Ahead   Jazz Rock
Slivovitz Liver new Jazz Rock
Sloe Gin A Matter of Time   Dark Rock
Slow Torch/God Machine Generator   Stoner
Small Jackets Cheap Tequila   Rock
Small Lee Through the Eyes of Robert Lees   Hard Rock
Smith Steve and V.I. Come On In   Fusion
Smolski Victor Majesty & Passion   Virtuoso
Soft Works Abracadabra   Prog
Soft Machine Floating World Live   Prog
Soft Machine Drop   Prog
Soft Machine Legacy Live in Zaandam   Prog
Soft Machine Legacy Soft Machine Legacy   Prog
Soft Machine Legacy Steam   Prog
Soft Machine Legacy Live Adventures   Prog
Sol Invictus The Cruellest Month   Apocalyp.Folk
Solar Project Five   Prog
Solar Project Force Majeure   Prog
Som Nosso De Cada Dia Procura Da Essencia   Prog
Sombre Reptile In Strum Mental   Prog
Sombre Reptile Le Repli Des Ombres   Prog
Somniae Status Cassandra   Prog Metal
Somniae Status Echoes   Prog Metal
Sonaglia Marco Il Pittore è l'Unico che Sceglie i Suoi Colori   Cantautore
Sonaglia Marco Il Vizio di Vivere new Cantautore
Sonata Artica Unia   Heavy Metal
Sonata Islands Meets Mahler   Jazz
Sonic Syndicate Love and Other Disasters   Death Metal
Soniq Circus Soniq Circus   Prog
Soniq Circus Reflections in the Hourglass   Prog
Sonora '68 1968   Combat Rock
Sonus Umbra Snapshots From Limbo   Prog
Soord Bruce Bruce Soord new Prog
Sophia Herbstwerk   Ambient Goth
Sorrow, the Origin of the Storm   Heavy Metal
Sorrows Remember Me   Emo Punk
SOTE Time To End   Prog
Soto Francis Metalopolis Part.1   Heavy Metal
Soul Doctor For a Fistful of Dollars   Hard Rock
Soul Embraced Immune   Metal Core
Soul Manifest White Season   Hard Rock
Soul Secret Closer to Daylight   Prog Metal
Soul Secret 4 new Prog Metal
Soul Secret Babel new Prog Metal
Soul Sirkus World Play   Hard Rock
Soulrelic Love is a Lie We Both Believe   Gothic Metal
Soundbyte River of Broken Glass   Gothic
Soundgeist The Fine Line Between   Prog
Sounds Like the End of the World Stories new Post Rock
Soundsick Art Is the Mirror of the Universe   Heavy Metal
Soundsick Astonishment   Avantgarde
Sours, the The Sours new Folk
Southern Isolation Southern Isolation   Rock
Soyuz Everybody Loves You   Punk Rock
Soyuz Back to the City   Post Rock
Space Ritual Otherworld   Space Rock
Space Traffic Numbness new Rock
Speaking To Stones Speaking To Stones   Prog Metal
Speedy Gonzales Electric Stalker   Hard Rock
Spettri Spettri   Prog
Spettri 2973 La Nemica dei Ricordi new Prog
Spider Rock 'n' Roll Gypsies   Hard Rock
Spider Rough Justice   Hard Rock
Spike It's a Treat To Be Alive   Rock
Spiral 69 No Paint on the Wall   Gothic
Spirit Rockpalast - West Coast Legends   Acid Rock
Spirits Burning Alien Injection   Space Rock
Spirits Burning & Michael Moorcock An Alien Heat new Space Rock
Spiritual Bat Through the Shadows   Gothic
Spiritual Beggars Demons   Hard Rock
Spiritual Beggars Return to Zero   Hard Rock
Spiritus Mundi American Dystopia   Heavy Metal
Spitting Off Tall Buildings Good Night and Good Luck   Post Rock
Spleen Caress Spleen Caress   Gothic
Spleen Caress Filantropia   Gothic
Spock's Beard The Light   Prog
Spock's Beard Snow   Prog
Spock's Beard Don't Try This at Home (DVD)   Prog
Spock's Beard Feel Euphoria   Prog
Spock's Beard Octane   Prog
Spock's Beard Gluttons for Punishment   Prog
Spock's Beard Spock's Beard   Prog
Spock's Beard X   Prog
Spock's Beard Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep   Prog
Sponza Mike Kakanic Blues 2.0   Blues
Spooky Tooth Live in Europe   Hard Rock
Spring Colin How I Came to Cry These Tears of Cool new Roots Rock
Ssick Choose   Gothic Metal
Stagione della Beneficienza, La Fifteen Days / Brightened Comes   Prog
Stalk Forrest Group St. Cecilia   Psichedelia
Star One Space Metal   Heavy Metal
Star One Live on Earth   Prog Metal 
Star One Live on Earth (DVD)   Prog Metal 
Star One Victims of the Modern Age   Heavy Metal
Star Queen Your True Self   Prog Metal
Starbreaker Starbreaker   Hard Rock
Starbreaker Love's Dying Wish   Hard Rock
Starcruisers Marooned   Space Rock
Stargazer Stargazer   AOR
Starr Jack Before the Steele: Roots of a Metal Master new Heavy Metal
State Cows State Cows   AOR
Stealth Shores of Hope new Hard Rock
Steel Flowers 12 Tales Fron The Life od Mr Someone   Hard Rock
Steelwind The KH Project   AOR
Stellamara The Golden Thread   World Music
Stephen Dedalus Say It Right!   Rock Blues
Steve Grimm Band History of a Bad Boy   AOR
Steve Howe's Remedy Elements   Prog
Steve Rothery Band Live in Rome new Prog
Steward Ian James Junk DNA   Rock
Sticky Fingers Ltd, the The Sticky Fingers Ltd new Hard Rock
Stille Oppror S.o2   Alternative
Stille Volk Maudat   Folk Metal
Stinking Lizaveta Sacrifice and Bliss   Psychedelic
Stolen Apple Trenches new Indie Rock
Stolt Roine Wall Street Woodoo   Virtuoso
Stompcrash Requiem Rosa   Gothic 
Stone Axe Stone Axe   Hard Rock
Stone Axe II   Hard Rock
Stonegard From Dusk Till Doom   Prog Metal
Stonelake Reincarnation   Hard Rock
Stonelake Uncharted Souls   Heavy Metal
Stoney Curtis Band Acid Blues Experience   Rock Blues
Stormzone Death Dealer   Heavy Metal
Strange Flowers, the The Grace of Losers   Rock
Strange Flowers, the Pearls at Swine new Rock
Strange Here II new Doom
Strange Hobby Arjen Anthony Lucassen's Strange Hobby new Heavy Rock
Strangelet First Bite new Hard Rock
Straw Daze Sei new Folk Punk
Strawberry Fields Rivers Dry Gone   Prog
Strawberry Fields Live   Prog
Stray New Dawn + Alive and Giggin'   Hard Rock
Stray Valhalla   Hard Rock
Stream Of Passion Embrace the Storm   Prog Metal
Stream Of Passion Live in the Real World   Prog Metal
Stretch Arm Strong Engage   Metal Core
String Cheese Incident Untying the Not   Rock
String Cheese Incident One Step Closer   Rock
Strings Arguments Very Very First Live the Encounter   Prog 
Struldbrug demo 2008   Prog
Struttura & Forma One of Us new Jazz Rock
Stuermer Daryl Go   Fusion
Styx Big Bang Theory   Hard Rock
Styx One With Everything   Hard Rock
Subaudition The Scope   Folk Prog
Subaudition Light on the Path   Folk Prog
Subterranean Masquerade Suspended Animation Dreams   Prog
Sudden Death Unpure Burial   Metal Core
Suez Many People Don't Realize   Post Punk
Suidakra 13 Years of Celtic Wartunes   Death Metal
Sula Ventrebianco Via la Faccia   Rock Italiano
Sun Caged Sun Caged   Power Metal
Sun King Prisoners of Rock   Hard Rock
Sun King Terpsichore new Hard Rock
Sun Travellers Excursions   Psychedelic
Sundial Other Way Out + Return Journey   Prog
Sunpilots King of the Sugarcoat Tongue   Prog
Sunroad Arena of Aliens + Flying n' Floating   Heavy Metal
Sunroad Long Gone   Heavy Metal
Sunroad Wing Seven new Heavy Metal
Sunrunner Ancient Art of Survival new Heavy Metal
Sunset Sunset   Hard Rock
Sunset Viaggio Libero   Rock
Sunstorm Sunstorm   AOR
Sunstrike Rock Your World new AOR
Superbia Superbia   Death Metal
Superdrama The Promise new Prog
Supernal Endgame Touch the Sky vol.1   Prog
Supershine Supershine   Doom Metal
Supersukers Must've Been Live   Country Rock
Supertramp Crime of the Century new Rock
Supper's Ready Listen to the Pictures   Prog 
Supreme Court We'll F*** You Up!   Gothic EBM
Supreme Court Hypocrites + Saints   Gothic EBM
Sursumcorda La Porta Dietro la Cascata   Neo Classica
Sursumcorda Musiche d'Acqua   Neo Classica
Survivor Reach   AOR
Sutuana PerdutaMente...   Hard Rock
Svenia Black Heart   Gothic Metal
Swartalf The Golden Section   Gothic 
Sweet The Answer   Hard Rock
Swell99 Comunicazione   Rock
Swell99 Life   Rock
Swirl 360 California Blur   Hard Rock
Sylvan Posthumous Silence   Prog
Sylvan Posthumous Silence the Show + Leaving Backstage   Prog
Symphonic Slam Symphonic Slam   Prog
Symphony X Paradise Lost   Prog Metal
Syn Syndestructible   Prog
Synchronous Yawn Cracks   Prog
Syndone Odysséas new Prog
Synthesis Synthetic History   Heavy Metal
Synthphonia Suprema Synthphony 001   Heavy Metal
Syron Vanes Property Of...   Heavy Metal

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